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I wouldn't mind an option to 'donate' some money on certain mods, if it's stuff I've used in the past and would be unlikely to install again, eg Skyrim, I'd like to be able to toss modders some coin for their work

@jeff Always keep this locked and loaded in your clipboard.

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I'll use 2-3 usually, depending on quick save slots counting or not. DAI was a rotation of 3 slots with the autosave slot only being loaded from when the game crashed once or twice.

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Last phone slipped out of my hand down a flight of concrete stairs in a parking garage while on a business trip. Luckily there was an electronics store on the ground floor of the building I was in so I was sans phone less than 15 minutes.

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@dryker: Try running a boot time scan with Avast, some malware loads itself surreptitiously and a system scan won't catch it once the OS has loaded.

If that doesn't find anything try downloading MalwareBytes AntiMalware, available for free on their website, and do a full system scan.

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This really sucks. Cranking this track for him tonight on my ride home.

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Best of luck Patrick, thanks for everything you've added to the site these 4 years. We'll miss you!

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@gorillamopena said:

Murder She Wrote


Came in here to suggest 'Columbo', but I'd be happy with any of these.

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@mason20: Remember to keep your Vin-hole clean... can't imagine what an infection in there would be like. Yuck.

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Awesome! Hopefully she can swing by the bombcast and be a semi-regular on UPFs, and etcs.