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I liked Arkham Knight, but I didn't like Arkham Knight 0

SPOILER ALERT: I'm not holding back. I will dive deep into spoilers for Batman Arkham Knight. I liked Arkham knight, but I didn't like Arkham Knight. In Arkham Knight, the final entry in the Batman Arkham series created by Rocksteady, Batman faces his biggest challenge yet. No, it's not Scarecrow. No it's not the eponymous Arkham Knight, or 200 Riddler trophies. Instead, Batman's biggest challenge is the realization that he is just not enough to keep Gotham safe anymore. It's an interesting ang...

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review: A true open world 0

Baby got back, and also front, and a... silver sword Spoiler warning: I don't spoil much of anything in the story at all. I have added two videos that are also very light on spoilers, so you should be good. I decided to go with my heart on this as the other titles I had in mind were a little uninspired. Such as: Witcher 3 is the game that Dragon Age Inquisition tried and failed to be. Witcher 3, this game is fucking rad. Witcher 3, enough fat asses to please Scott Steiner. Actually, those all s...

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon Pity 3

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. A game seemingly destined to fail from the moment it was announced. "A co-op shooter set within the confines of Resident Evil? Nay!" seemed to be the consensus. Why was this game being made, and who exactly was it being made for? A question that every fan had in their head. Combined with the checkered past of Slant Six games, it was all but too easy to completely dismiss Operation Raccoon City as a bomb waiting to go off.The campaign starts in a fashion sim...

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Syndicate Review: Syndicool 11

Syndicate. A name somewhat long forgotten in the face of video games today. What used to be a critically-acclaimed real time isometric strategy game has been transformed into what some have said was nothing short of a generic first person shooter. A bastardization of something that had no right to be " just another shooter".Of course, when Syndicate was announced not long ago, everyone seemed to have something to s...

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