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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon Pity 3

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. A game seemingly destined to fail from the moment it was announced. "A co-op shooter set within the confines of Resident Evil? Nay!" seemed to be the consensus. Why was this game being made, and who exactly was it being made for? A question that every fan had in their head. Combined with the checkered past of Slant Six games, it was all but too easy to completely dismiss Operation Raccoon City as a bomb waiting to go off.The campaign starts in a fashion sim...

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Syndicate Review: Syndicool 11

Syndicate. A name somewhat long forgotten in the face of video games today. What used to be a critically-acclaimed real time isometric strategy game has been transformed into what some have said was nothing short of a generic first person shooter. A bastardization of something that had no right to be " just another shooter".Of course, when Syndicate was announced not long ago, everyone seemed to have something to s...

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