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Only just heard, so tragic.

Condolences to his wife and the entire Giant Bomb crew

RIP Ryan, will be pouring one out for you son.


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SWTOR beta

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@Shady1992 said:

@Heltom92: Yeah we've all seen Beta footage; a perfect leveling process doesn't get you anything more than box sales, and a steep subscriber dropoff once the free month runs out No one is doubting TOR's 1-50 content, BioWare has done well for the most part with their single player games; and leveling in an MMO is basically single-player now anyway; I'm sure that part is 100% what it needs to be, and then some. But that does not make people play an MMO for more than a month

The 8 classes will keep altoholics playing for a loooong time, way more than a month. There are a hell of a lot of players that start new characters once they reach max level. This is the perfect game for them as each class has a unique story.

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Its pretty funny, there is a crazy amount of bollocks being pushed out from pro and con TOR camps.

EA need 500K subscribers for it to be considered a success.

The amount of people that valiantly defend it and the trashing its getting make me think people will at least know all about it and that 500K figure will not be a problem.

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Great, this negative Nancy again, why is TOR getting you down so? Why not just move on mate?

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@TaliciaDragonsong: Its an awesome site that is going to get better over the next month with all the new testers :)

@zyn: If you play as a Zabrak (Darth Maul's species) then you will have horns, they are customisable so you can make them less prominent though.

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@Beaudacious: hehe, yeah I enjoyed that too - thats MMO players for you though, knee jerk overreactions all the way (myself included)

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@Rufi91 said:

Man! ToR is so hotly contested on the boards there is like three hot threads atm personally I have written my thoughts on both other boards but here is my final thought. I like WoW, I like Star Wars, I like BioWares story and companions, from what I have seen and played, this marries all four together perfectly. I. CAN'T. WAIT.


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Wanting to know the same thing, there is a sequel that is free on the app store might be worth checking out

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