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Puck this snit!

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Nope, it's an action game. It creates a good sense of tension, of which it was one the first games to evoke this. RE6 does a good job of this too in certain points of the game.

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Spare me cynicism against Resident Evil 6 Patrick Klepek, you sir like Shadows of the Damn.

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AWESOME! Well done dude!

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Dragon's Dogma.

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Dragon's Dogma! x1000 times Dragon's Dogma! Skyrim is very cut and paste, and has stuffy dated mechanics.

Or why not get both?

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Finally a game with evolved mechanics beyond the humdrum strafe left-right and shoot. I can't wait to pick this up, I have been waiting for a game like this since Shadow's of the Colossus set the bar. Pre-ordered! People need to get on this!

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I loved the demo, I think the animation for the smaller enemies when hit could be a little more fluid / organic. I freakin love the boss fights. I have been waiting for a game with these kind of mechanics since SOTC. I love how fluid the character controls, and the abilities to roll, jump grab and so on. Can't wait to sink my teeth into this game. Pre-ordered!

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Please don't leave Fumito, you're half of the reason I'm a Sony fanboy.

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Hmm indeed.

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