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Solid list. Could use some more Nintendo, but nice choices overall.

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This generation is ending too soon for me :(. But that's just me and I'm in the heavy minority haha. Some good games on your list, makes me realize how little games I play.

Nah, not too soon. Just don't buy into the next-gen hype too early (as difficult as that may be). Take your time, wait for an established library/price drops, and enjoy your current consoles for all they're worth. I know there are a ton of current-gen games I plan on playing for years to come.

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Video game enthusiast sounds about right to me.

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Super Mario Bros 3 was my first game ever, but Super Mario World is likely my favorite in the series. I've always enjoyed the fans' rivalry between those two.

Also, I agree that it's pretty silly to include Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World on the list. That's easily the obvious answer.

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Still playing games on my PS2, so... no. Although it is a plus!

^ 100% agree with this, all the way. Play my PS2 more than my PS3 even.

Also still enjoy busting out the NES, or some original Gameboy games every once in a while.

So yeah. A fun game is a fun game, no matter what it looks like.

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15% sounds about right. I have just under 700 games total however, so I'm not too concerned. I have played a good amount of the majority of them. That's what I get for liking JRPG's so damn much. Too damn long, lol.

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Keeping 'em all, and plan on buying more well into the next generation, and then some. 8-)

PS4 looks fresh, but I have no problem with waiting a year or two.

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Don't be a stranger, duder.

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Giant Bomb - Home

Racketboy - Life

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I bought a 6 pack of Stella Artois tonight and poured out the first bottle in honor of Ryan.

Here's to you man - cheers!

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Does anyone remember the Bombcast where they were discussing that forum-simulator RPG game? That was the one, I think.

But yeah, I've been a fan of the guys since being obsessed with Gamespot back in the Gamecube/PS2 days