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Yakuza 5

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Oh, also funny how Capcom apologise for what the guy has said about sexual harassment, not for the actual harassment.

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Am I reading wrong or did Capcom actually not do shit about this?

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@ItBeStefYo said:

I found one of those dragons, after painfully trying to kill him, he didnt fall to the ground when he had 0 health, just glitched about in the middle of the air and then would fly up so i couldnt see him anymore

This thing happened to me too:

Loading Video...

Immediately after I fast travelled to Windhelm stables to see a Dragon slide down the slope opposite town and into the river where he drowned. Dragons are... kind of busted right now.

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It's crashed twice on me today, no crashes on other servers I've played yet. Both times it's happened when I've been having a good game (by my standards, anyway) and it's pretty annoying for the whole round to disappear.

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The bonus features are three more Madison shower scenes, this time set to the sound of David Cage furiously masturbating.

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Just so you know, Robocop is very deliberately weird and absurd and satirical and self-aware

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I have one of the cooking ones and one of the 'vacation gone wrong' games but there's so many games that feel like they should work yet don't.

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That's a great poster. Hope I remember when it's actually available.

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@drhans said:

2. A corporation. One, perhaps, also having something to do with Portal and the Half Life universe.

I was annoyed on this one because I went to the concept page and it wasn't worknig; when what it wants is the location. Kind of annoying.
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