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Hey there! :) Have none of you managed to do this yet, perhaps? :(

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iI have what I hope is a simple question! :) Probably not though >< And It suddenly occurred to me just now that this is the perfect community to ask!

I'd like to be able to play a game and stream it out to a friend, as well as record the game, and also my microphone and my friend's microphone, preferably seperately in order to edit it all together later, get the levels right etc, and upload to good ol' YouTube. I'd like my friend to be able to hear the game audio too.

  • My usual setup for recording PC stuff without streaming is to use FRAPS for the game video & audio, and then Audacity to record my mic.

  • My usual setup for recording external stuff like PS2, etc without streaming, is to use the Hauppauge HD PVR 1's capture software (TotalMedia Extreme 2) to record the game video & audio, and again use Audacity for the mic.

I'm just not sure how to best go about easily, reliably, and with low latency, streaming out to a friend. The stream that goes out won't be saved so it doesn't need to be full resolution or anything, I'll be capturing with either the Hauppauge software or FRAPS, or something better(?). But I need it all to work reliably.

Oh, and my total available upstream speed is about 11-13 MB/s.

What I've been able to do so far:

I've been able to use MP3 Skype Recorder to record the audio going from my mic out, and his audio coming in. I've also used Skype in conjunction with ManyCam to capture an area of my screen as a webcam, which is streamed out via Skype. Skype is great at low latency audio and video. And then I use FRAPS or the Hauppauge to capture the game video and audio! If I'm using FRAPS though, I can only capture the main sound output of the PC, so my friend's skype mic comes through on it, not cool.

The only other big problem is that in this setup, my friend can't hear the game! And that's a big must for the way we want to go through RPGs together, and do a bunch of other stuff.

So, I need:

  • A way to stream to a friend reliably with low lag (more than a second or two of lag and things don't flow right)

  • A way to record my mic and my friend's mic (both mics separately somehow, and separate of the game audio).

  • I love Audacity as an editing program, but I've always disliked not being able to stream to file directly as I record just in case, because if Audacity crashes, I might lose a hours worth of recording! So I'd like to replace Audacity. I'd love something that would show me the waveform as it records like Audacity does, because my mic craps out sometimes and I need to be able to keep a visual eye on it so I can see when it needs sorting out, haha.

  • Would be nice: To be able to record my webcam also, in order to embed that say, in the corner of the final video.

  • Would be nice: Similarly, to be able to capture my friend's webcam in order to embed it also.

Any ideas for this stuff? We've moved away from each other recently you see, and just can't physically get together to do stuff any more :(

Thank you guys and girls! And sorry I probably didn't word this as well as I could, haha...

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I can confirm that HD works fine. Though I must admit, at first I didn't get that Auto meant HD either. Haha.

May I put forward a small gripe with the XBMC add-on that's been present since it got its last overhaul quite some time ago. I can no longer browse the entire Giant Bomb video catalogue. There's the Latest section, and the other subsections (which at one point didn't exist, which made this more of an issue), but eventually you reach the end of the list, and if you want to just keep going back, you....can't.

I recall in the old add-on you could keep going back as much as you like through the archives.

I'd suggest adding an "Archive" section, but to be honest all that needs doing is to have the "Latest" section change to go as far back as you like rather than hitting that wall. I don't know how difficult this is to do, perhaps the architecture of the site has changed to no longer allow this?

Sometimes I'll want to re-watch something that I know was on the site a week or two ago, and with the frequency of video updates nowadays especially, it can easily drop off that list. Sometimes I won't even know what it is until I see it, haha.

And I know there's a Search feature (which is great), but I only use text input in XBMC when I need to modify system settings. It would mean having to go plug a keyboard into the server, and it's just not worth it, you know? That's assuming I know what I'm looking for anyway, haha.

As I've said before, I'm super appreciative that you support XBMC. As sad as it sounds, my life would suck appreciably more if there weren't one, because I'd lose my ability to watch Giant Bomb conveniently at the push of a remote control! And when that's happened to me in the past, I've not found myself going out of my way to get GB videos up. I like my routine of watching them on the TV and not having to turn on a computer at all, haha. So I'm thankful for what I've got!

But yeah, if we could see the whole GB catalogue using XBMC? Well, that would be super rad, you guys.

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@laika said:

This broke with a recent chat upgrade. We're pushing out changes today that should fix this; stay tuned.

Confirmed, operational!

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@laika said:

This broke with a recent chat upgrade. We're pushing out changes today that should fix this; stay tuned.

Thank you so very much :) I'll fire up XBMC in a few minutes and keep my fingers crossed!

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I too am receiving an error when trying to load the XBMC plugin :( It was fine this time yesterday.

I can't wait until it's fixed, it's the only way I ever watch GB stuff, and I watch a lot in the evenings after getting back from the hospital. Great to cheer you up with dinner before bed :D

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@bombedyermom: Same. I'm in black tie at work today, it's all I could think of to do..... and when my colleagues ask me why, I tell them who he was and what he did for this community and industry. And nobody cares. Not many video gamers in private hospitals :/ Like, there's just me.

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Oh my god. I can't believe it. I'm just shocked. My whole family is.

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I just wanted to pop in and give a big thank you for providing and maintaining the Giant Bomb XBMC plugin, It's how I've digested all of your videos for a very long time now! I come in from work in the evening, put the TV on and watch you guys while I have my dinner.

Also, my parents who have never played a video game in their life know all of you guys really well through osmosis! They may have no interest in playing video games, but they enjoy watching you guys talk about them/play them/be idiots on camera for our entertainment :P

So yeah just, thanks. Yours is the one service I think is worth subscribing to (besides phone & home bills of course), and it's worth every penny.

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Terrible. Terrible.

Somehow, even though I live in the UK, this hits very close to home, as the saying goes. I hope they find who did this.