Day -1: First Step

I love video games, and I love food. At one point in time I loved them both and was a svelte 155 points of cord and muscle. That time is now almost ten years ago. Now, I still love food and video games and have become quite unhealthy and heavy. I'm most likely a good 100 pounds past that prior 155 mark, and I am not a tall man; I stand at 5,10. I'm embarking on a quest of weight loss today with a drastic change to my food and exercise, but I will continue to enjoy my passion of gaming. Why post it here? I want people to see this if they choose. I want the accountability. I want to break through the stereotype of the out of shape gamer. I welcome all comments both positive and negative. Any and everything will drive me further.

Salad and Turkey

Half hour on the treadmill

An hour of Infamous 2

Where I'm starting from

Not Moving

I have no interest in PS Move. I also don't like it being shoved down my throat and being shilled by Ken Levine. I want to hold a controller, not wave my arms.



Twitter seems to be the great neutral zone of the gaming media.   Unlike the contrived rivalries of morning zoo radio shows or even major cable news networks, twitter lets us, the common user, see that even though it has become an ever increasingly competitive market for even less revenue, professional courtesy and respect has not only maintained; it has increased.   Within a single day, or much less during the frenetic E3 period, individuals on the sides of multiple fences continue to refer to each other with mutual respect and admiration.   Tweets are cordial and familiar; podcast references are jovial and even suggestive to possible competitive products.   How can this be in a currently unstable market?   It is my belief that it is the trailblazer’s spirit.   This is truly the first generation of game critics.   True, there have been critics before, but what exactly were they criticizing? This red block is better rendered than their red block?   I may be speaking out of ignorance, but my age is very close to the majority of old guard reviewers, and I feel a need for consistent solidarity with supporters of video games as a respected media.   Their situation could be compared to radio DJs of the 1950s and 1960s in regards to rock music.   It was oppression that kept them united, regardless of competition.   It is with this metaphor that I believe that I have the privilege of witnessing gaming and gaming in its adolescence, before splits itself into factions of graphics versus interface, story versus gameplay, and console versus console.   These concepts exist    , but they are merely academic.   It is my hope that a true separation for personal ore corporate gain never exists.