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It's called Oh! Cube. Pretty good version, but touch screen controls aren't quite as good as using a stylus - I've restarted puzzles a few times due to missing the block i want with my fat fingers.

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It's a pain in the arse to set up properly, but you just have to play At A Distance with a friend if you can. It's the best coop experience I've ever had playing video games.

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19 comments, and only 2 people have picked up on Whore of the Orient? Come on, people.

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My only contribution to this thread is that I can't believe this wasn't on the site before. Great job Jeremy.

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I'm not American, so I can't really comment on the constitution or how games are regulated over there. But if this bill is going to make video games subject to government classification instead of independent regulation, so what? Here in Britain, the BBFC regulate all video games, and they are a government body. They just slap a rating on the box and are done with it. It doesn't get put anywhere different in the store or anything, you could find GTA4 next to Viva Pinata and nobody bats an eyelid. Is it different for America?

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i will listen to nearly anything except metal because i can't understand what metal singers are saying because they shout all the time

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you guys should ban john drake from the forums, that'll show him

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great video man it's good to see you giving back to the transformice community in that way i love transformice too i think i'm even in your video because i too play high level play 

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Half your age, +7. That's my rule. 
Also no get out, dating someone underage is super weird. Who is voting yes? Imma call the cops.

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