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Look Zach, A Deadly Premonition Review 0

     Deadly Premonition isn't the best game sure, but it's got its own amount of quirks and oddities that will make you either hate it, or love it. While I was trying to think of how to describe it to a friend, I came up with Yeah this image makes no sense to me"It's Resident Evil 4, in an open-world environment, also has some not so great driving, and features a small American town filtered through the eyes of a Japanese developer. Oh and apparently it has a lot of Twin Peaks parallels." As ci...

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A Tale of Deadly Coins 0

       Persona 2: Eternal Punishment as a whole is one of the few JRPGs I can say that I had fun playing. Sure there were problems here and there and the random difficulties highs and lows were frustrating to say the least, but when you play a game, you tend to do it to have an enjoyable time, and P2: EP has that in spades.         Persona 2's battle system is pretty standard fare for the most part; you can attack with your Persona(Costs SP, the game's magic), attack with your weapon, defend...

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Look, A Silent Hill Review 1

     When people think back to old-school survivor horror games, many people list Silent Hill 2 as their favorite. They say it's creepy, has a great story, and the characters are memorable. Playing through the game now-a-days rears some ugly heads that people may have over looked eight years ago though. It's also definitely one of those games with a terribly slow beginning, and had I not been looking for a game to review, I would've stopped shortly after starting.                 Silent Hill 2 t...

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Holds Up Well 0

     Half Life: Opposing Force came out shortly after Half Life, and well before the other expansion pack Blue Shift. This one has an interesting take on it though, what with you playing the part of Marine Corps Adrian Shepard, one of the many who were sent to dispose of all the witnesses in Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman especially. This change of sides makes a pretty large difference in the game, instead of an HEV Suit you wear Body Armor, and instead of a flashlight you get to use some nifty nigh...

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Good Ol Barney Saves The Day 1

       When people discuss the lineage of the Half Life series, they often forget to mention the first game's two expansions, Blue Shift and Opposing Forces. Sure the original Half Life was a mind blowing game for it's time, but are these two games (Blue Shift in particular) as forgettable as they may seem, or are they the unfortunate little brothers living in the shadows?       Blue Shift begins the same time as the original Half Life, and yes, that means you get to mess around with Black Mesa ...

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Fighting's fun, the rest? Ehh... 0

Escape from Butcher Bay was a hell of a game-changer back in 2004. What with it's awesome fist-fights and Vin-Diesel groveling, there were barely any faults that it had. Not only was it a damn fine game, but it helped to fight back that all movie-based games are bad. Apparently, it's amazing what difference five years can make, because Assault on Dark Athena is just not very good.        Vin Diesel, Xzibit and Marcus Fenix himself (Joe Dimagio) come back to their roles in both games. While the v...

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