So, Perler Beads

They're these tiny little beads that you can iron together to make cool little pendants and stuff. Just buy a box that has the beads, the wax paper and the pegboard, have an iron and you're good to go! Why am I writing this on Giantbomb? Well I figured I'd show you some of the stuff you can make with them!

Her Stuff

I didn't know what perler beads were until my girlfriend showed me and I thought it sounded way too difficult. So we ended up at Michael's one day, she showed me how to do it and now I make them pretty often. I've made her ten things so far from the Purple Tentacle from Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle, to a flower.

The hardest one by far was the Purple Tentacle just due to its size and well, it was the first one I made. Probably wasn't the best idea I had to have the biggest be the first but it turned out okay! I do have more ideas for stuff I'm going to make her, but knowing she's going to read this I'm not going to say!

My Stuff

I made the Headcrab, Metroid and Meat Boy but she made my Akuma and gave it to me on my birthday. It's still by far my favorite perler bead thing I have not only because it's the best looking one, but also because she made it herself. She knew I used Akuma in Super Street Fighter IV, took that idea and ran with it and that was the result, it makes me all excited all over again when I see it, she makes some pretty amazing stuff and I hope she comments back with stuff she's done.


That's the card she made me for my birthday too, thought some people might like it too! It's always the best to receive things that people themselves made and I still love my gifts from my birthday and before then. So people if you find yourself bored and looking for a way to spend time doing something fun, look into perler bead art, it's pretty cool.


Shoes, Computers, and Mass Effect 2

   Let's get this out of the way quickly: I got a new 360 as most of you know! It feels good to lose to the GB community in SFIV once more, and I still haven't touched Pure or Lego Batman, nor do I feel like I ever will. Oh, and I ended up getting the video card I mentioned last time. I can actually run S.T.A.L.K.E.R in decent settings! It's great!
   Here's the thing though Giantbomb community, the video card wasn't enough. After ScubaSteve's thread, it made me realize that I wanted more. More power, more speed, a better computer for the future because while it's alright to live with your parents with you're eighteen, it's not always that way unfortunately. I've already made a wish list on Newegg of parts that I think will help me fulfill my wishes and here it is:

Motherboard-ASUS M4A77D
Computer Case-XION Solaris XON-403 Black with Green LED Light Steel ATX Mid Tower
Power Supply-COOLER MASTER Elite 460 RS-460-PSAR-J3 460W ATX12V V2.31
CPU-AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition Deneb 3.0GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-Core
RAM-G.SKILL 4GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Desktop Memory Model F2-6400CL6S-4GBMQ
Hard Drive-Western Digital Caviar Blue WD3200AAJS 320GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive
I'm also going to get Windows 7 Professional from my friend for $65 which brings the grand total to $576. Yeah I realize I could save a good chunk of change by getting two 2GB sticks of RAM, but I'd like to just go with one and leave the door open for improvement. So, am I leaving anything out that will leave me bummed out? I'm going to use my TV as a monitor, so I've already ordered this wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Like I said, any advice would be great.
   To keep this delicious gravy train going, let's talk about Mass Effect. Now I played the hell out of the original Mass Effect, but that was on my *ahem*, older 360. So I'm torn between going through it yet again on my new 360 to create a save, so that one particular character in my party does not get shot in the face, and saving $20. Yet that brings up another point, do I get Mass Effect on the PC, or 360? According to System Requirement Labs, the only thing that needs an upgrade for Mass Effect 2 to be playable well on my computer would be a processor upgrade, and I'm willing to wait a month to buy all that stuff on the list.
Basically what I want to know is this, if you don't have a Mass Effect 1 save, will that particular character, that sometimes ends up dead stay dead, or is there an option at the beginning to keep him alive? People that already have Mass Effect 2, help me out here.
   Now I mentioned shoes in my title and with good reason. One of my cats though that my work/basketball pair of shoes was the litter box, and decided to pee on it. Jerk of a cat, I know, but it leaves you all with one final decision! Which color scheme do you like more?
    Oh, and subscribe to Stang's Youtube account, because you're not a bad person, are you?

Not a review for once!

But one's coming for Indigo Prophecy, I swear.
First off, I'd like to wish everybody a happy New Year! Why is New Year capitalized? Respond and explain it to me!
So for the past week or so I've been buying games off of Steam, six as of typing this, three of them being a game I've already beaten one way or another.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Bioshock, and good ol Street Fighter IV I've already played, Jade Empire, Indigo Prophecy, and Torchlight being games I haven't but here's the thing, my graphics card is a (Even though an sounds better) NVidea 7300. I'm pretty dead-set on buying this graphics card but is it good enough to run those games at I don't know, decent frame-rates and settings? For a point of reference, here's a screen cap:

 Gen because I am way too lazy to unlock Akuma for the fourth time
That's SFIV running at 640x480 ladies and gentlemen, with every setting as low as it can get and I think that's the only way to keep it around 60 FPS.
On another note, people who play SFIV on the PC PLEASE KEEP WITHIN YOUR SYSTEM'S CAPABILITIES.
Want to hear a crazy New Year's Eve story though? That sucks, because I only have a pretty mundane one.
So normally my work schedule is Friday-Monday and 5-9 PM, awesome I know. Today though, the restaurant was expected to be pretty busy so I got there around 4, notice I said got there and not, clocked in there. So after six hours of the busiest I've ever seen The Shack (Not Radioshack damnit), after being called blind by a 70 year old woman that I absolutely hate, I realized that I hadn't clocked in. Luckily my mom, who's like the head waitress, promised me that she'd tell the owners that yo, don't cheat me out of $40 come paycheck day.

Last Few Thoughts Before I Go To Bed...and I love tables
 Got a Mario beanie for Christmas from my momma (Bye bye Santa hat profile picture!), so watch out LordOfUltima! You have some beanie-wearing competition!
 I need more Steam friends so if you have any of those games, especially SFIV, add OwnlyUzinWonHan.
 I'm gonna end up having a 360 (FINALLY!), a TE Fightstick (FINALLY!!), and a Wii or graphics card (Finally?) in like two weeks, how crazy is that?
 I really feel bad about not participating in Stang's tournament, but hey, this paycheck I'm holding in my hand will buy my friends 360 as soon as I can get a hold of him.
 Watching these high-school football All-Stars games are reminding/bummingmeout of how good I used to be at soccer.
So uh, discuss I guess?

As bad a rep as Gamestop usually gets

... sometimes you can find some games for dirt cheap. I mean I know it doesn't give any money to the developers, but I'm a bad person.
So I bought a mess of games for $45 today at the Melbourne Mall's Gamestop, and they would be :

Column Head 1Column Head 2
 It was a dollar, and it's gonna be a pretty sweet Christmas present for somebody
 I never got to beat it, nor will I be able to at this rate because they FORGOT TO GIVE ME ANY DISKS.
 It was $2 and more of a nostalgic buy than anything, my brother and I bought it before we even got a PS2.
 It was $3(!) and I don't remember seeing anything on it.
 I remember it being a decent game and my sister loves Spider-Man at the moment.
 I heard it's hard to find and crazy in a fantastic way, plus only $7.
 A lack of scary games and a $10 price tag isn't too much for a semi-recent game.
 I absolutely LOVED it, and $8 is a good price point for a Christmas present to my brother.
The only thing I'm bummed about is that I didn't know about the Steam deals until about three hours ago, so I wish I could buy many more games for my under-powered machine. So far though I've bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R for $2 and Indigo Prophecy for $3.39, and I'm thinking heavily on getting that Unreal pack for $14 when I get $50 later today.
Oh and I got my mom a $25 gift card for Subway (Because she said she hasn't eaten there in more than a decade) and my dad the movie Dune like, two months ago. Glad I was thinking about Christmas in October.

A book review on Giantbomb? That's just silly

    So I rarely read books and when I do, it's in a universe that I'm already invested in, whether it's Halo, postage stamps, or what I'm here to talk about  which would be

 Picture size completely necessary!

Dexter By Design is the fourth book in the incredible series written by Jeff Lindsay that has an equally great TV series on Showtime. It's pretty hard to categorize Dexter books by one genre, so let's go with several. This book is a Millmerdy, mystery/thriller/comedy, and a damn good one at that. The story revolves around blood-splatter analyst Dexter Morgan who's very charismatic, yet he kills people.
 TV brother and sister, real life husband and wife
Yes that's a big yet, but he only kills other killers so it kind of balances out I guess? The morality of liking a serial killer is a problem for some people, but viewing it as a fictional character in my own state of Florida, I don't really see that as a hindrance. Do you need to read the first books to enjoy this? No not really, but I would definitely read the first two before this one for two reasons: They're better reads, and they add more back-story, and the added bonus of actually getting the jokes about early characters is something I really loved. The third book is alright, but the introduction of the super-natural is something that seems out of place in this almost believable world.
   So yes, the book itself is pretty great. It starts off with Dexter and Rita honey-mooning in Paris, viewing some rather um, unique art, coming home and what do you know!? Some crazy murders have taken place and boy do crazy murders ever feed Dexter's curiosity. People get stabbed, punched, kicked and
 Nope, you're missing those fingers Doakes
probably not to who you're thinking of. What happens in the 285-page novel certainly throws you into that "Alright, just one more chapter" mentality especially whenever Sergeant Doakes is involved, who despite being of the the few people who know what Dexter actually does in his spare time with his Dark Passenger, poses almost no threat due to missing a good amount of appendages . 
  Whenever the front of a book has the name Dexter and Jeff Lindsay involved, you should take notice and Dexter By Design doesn't disappoint. Sure the ending turns a two-hundred plus chase into a three page anti-climactic jumble of a scene and the idea of rooting for a serial killer to get away with it is rather bizarre, but if you know about this universe, and you really should, then you really wouldn't be questioning me, so stop it. So in review, read the first book, second, fourth (This one), and the third if you want to read best to worst, which is ironic because that's the exact order I would say the TV series' quality goes.
 Five knives stabbing this plastic guy out of five!

And It's My Fault How?

So why does it seem, that no matter how badly your 360 gets messed up (Other than the RRoD), it always costs $99 to repair it?
First mine was starting to overheat many times(2 Red lights), it stopped for a while.
Then the disk tray wouldn't open, luckily that was fixed by some random guy in a Call of Duty lobby.
After that, it straight up red ringed (3), and that's when I should've shipped it off for Microsoft to send me another going-to-break-in-two-weeks 60.
Stopped doing that and now, get this...
the part that reads memory of my hard drive, and probably memory cards? That's the part that's messed up.
I didn't even know that was possible until today! So of course, I kept a cool head for a record ten minutes, went through my third MS drone, and she tells me in her cool monotone English voice "Sir, that would cost you $99, BUT, everything is included!"
In other words, I get a sweet box, that I already have, to ship it off to them even though it should be free.
Because think about it, overheating your 360? Usually the consumer's fault, too much gaming will fry your system of course but the part that reads memory?
Really? $99?
I don't know much about the 360's specs, but should it really cost as much as another hard drive (Which is also grossingly overpriced) to replace/fix/throw out and replace?
Thanks alot Microsoft, for making a system that not only scratches at least three quarters of my disks, but a system that has broken at least once for 75% of the people I know.
If not for my Rock Band 1 instruments, a PS3 would not be looking so bad right now.


Done with Call of Duty 4

Not really much to do when you have all the achievements and got to the highest rank.
Not really sure what to play now.
Any suggestions fellow bombers?