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Never easy losing your dad. I lost mine when I was 20. My condolences man. Stay strong.

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Gates, NY, USA

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Sorry this took so long to go up, but I have been busy at home.

Step Right Up!
Some ball toss games.

More to come soon...

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On saturday May 24, 2014. The museum of play will be hosting a 'Boardwalk Arcade & Pinball Playfields Exhibit'. I, myself am going to attend while also taking pictures and some videos (which will be from my iphone, sry I don't own a fancy camera to get good pictures). Seems like the event is one day only. If you are in the area if seems like you may want to attend.

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I live in Rochester, NY and have a membership to that place for my family. With that being said, I think that place is an amazing experience! I am so happy it is where I live, seeing I don't get to go to PAX or other video game functions. I am also extremely happy that my kids get to experience this. I have photos of inside the museum.

I know its not Blitz '99 but I think Jeff would still kill at this game. (Also look at the background Right)

@patrickklepek you should go experience this place.

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I have not played Grand Theft Auto 5, though the point is more about how uninformed the local media near me are about this type of entertainment. They did not seem to put much research into developing this article and diving deeper into both sides.

The article in question is this.

After reading it all I could do is shake my head when I read the story. Being a new parent has made me think about how I would react if my kid wanted to play violent games in general. My wife and I had a talk about which type of media our son would be consuming as he gets older, and what would be ok and not ok for him to consume. As of right now I see other forms of media (ie TV, movies) to be more 'harmful' than video games. This seems off to me because those other forms of media are not given the same treatment as GTA5 or video games in general are getting.

I am sorry for my rant but I thought I would just like to share.

Also here is a link to other local people commenting on the story.

Has anyone else's local news done any reporting?

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Good episode guys. Really enjoyed listening to it. Also now Steve has turned me on to watch all the godzilla films.

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I can't stop laughing at the amazing content Ryan has made over the years, but I also can't stop tearing up inside that he is gone.

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I got the steam edition because I got Bioshock 1 and Xcom: Enemy Unknown for free!!!!

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Get better patrick, and fuck ryan davis and his pot hole digging schemes!