Three months and what do we have to show for it?

Not. Much. WoW keeps eating up most of my gaming time. I got my Red and Violet Proto Drakes in October. Go me. Beat Fallout 3 INTO THE GROUND, and I've spent the last month playing a new character on the evil end of the spectrum. I actually had to go out of my way a few times to be BAD because I inadvertently seemed to do good things that brought me back to Neutral. The freedom to steal whatever I want, and to kill wandering Wasterlanders for their lovely weapons and delicious chems is AWESOME, though. Better them than me. Beat Dead Space, and I very much enjoyed it. It wasn't incredibly creepy to me, because I could see every scare coming from a mile away. You get used to this. It's not because I'm some how a master of horror, but you remember situations. Room set ups, item placements. You play enough horror games, and you start to -feel- when the game designers are shepherding you towards something BAD. Take Chapter 2, for instance, which takes place entirely in the medical section of the ship. (Not really a spoiler, it's chapter fucking two.) You walk into a fairly large room towards the beginning of the chapter. It is empty. That is a bad sign, if you've played lots of survival horror. You KNOW that's bad, because if something isn't there tormenting you right now, it just means it is out of sight. And lo and behold, as you advance into the two floor office space, the whole room goes into Quarantine. Oops. Still an incredibly satisfying game. It wasn't terrifying, but it leaves you with a sense of 'wrongness' that I thought fit the game very well.


Rise from your grave!

So, yeah, any of my friends on Live might have seen me online for the first time since '08.  This is because I finally did the X-Clamp RROD fix and replaced my lens-damaged DVD drive, and now MY 360 LIVES AGAIN.  So yeah, I've been playing the shit out of Fallout 3, and when I finally needed a break from it after four days straight of playing, I popped in Mercenaries 2 and finally finished that.  Satisfying.  The game has so many... issues.  Not quite bugs, per say, but more like quirky 'didn't think our cunning plan all the way through' programming tricks.  
When you fail a contract, and decide to accept the Retry option, several things happen:

  1. You get all your expended ammo/destruction on demand items back
  2. Health is restored and you're transported back to the camp where you receive the mission
  3. Any mission objectives are reset (IE: If you needed to destroy a building, or rescue a hostage, they are put back in the game world)
... but that's it.  Any bombs that were already in the process of falling from the heavens, any vehicles that were on fire and approaching detonation, any grenades you threw, they're all still there, and they all go off, and the consequences happen anyway.  I had to reset the game numerous times because for some reason Chinese troops kept getting attacked by helicopters I had to crash land to reach the ground safely, but did not explode until I had reset the mission, and I can only assume a Chinese patrol happened by the downed aircraft right as it exploded, so...  Yeah.  That's just the tip of the iceberg, and the game could have seriously used a lot more QA and testing, but it's still a gem, if somewhat flawed.  
Anyway, expect to see me on live in the comming weeks.  I've got a hankerin' for some co-operative destruction. 


Hi.  Nobody is going to read this, but that's okay, because this is a pretty neat piece of interactive technology right here, and I am intrigued.  Tracking achievements across numerous networks, which I imagine they'll expand as more games start to incorporate this.  INTERCONNECTIVE STUFF is really cool to me.  Bringing myriad pieces of data together in one spot.

And while this may not be the most useful application of such a thing, it appeals to me.  SO HI. 

I'll be getting back into the 360 arena in the next week or two, depending on when the part for my box shows up, and then its GAME ON again.