Oh... right... I have a GiantBomb account.

I always feel odd when I end up on someone's friend list long after I stopped contributing to a site.

I'm not leaving GiantBomb or anything: I still have some games I like to talk about. I just wanted to direct the ones who are interested in my work to my new home on our sister site, Screened. I'm doing a fuckload of wiki work over there now, if you're at all interested in anything I do outside of making immature titty jokes.

But, interestingly, last summer was in fact the second one I wasted on making content for Whiskey Media. 
In 2010, it was the Big Breast List.

Now? My Little Pony

Confound these ponies. They drive me to 3,000 point articles about friendship and Q cameos.


The Great Porn Purge

 We love ya girls, we do. You just can't do that here.
So I found out that I'm currently on the friend's list of a mod named ZombiePie. Awesome. But then I found out what he was doing.

Turns out that he has started to go into all the hentai game galleries here on the site and remove almost every picture with nudity, rape, tentacles, sex, and all those other little joyful things that make hentai games hentai games. This effects me because most of my lists involve the mocking of such games, despite being an unforgiving hentai freak. I'm not going to elaborate on that.

So, am I worried about the current porn game purge? Well, even though I love me some pictures of big anime tee-tees, I believe in the greater good. This isn't a porn site: it's an info site. So as long as somebody deals with the gratuitous lolicon and actually fills us in on these games I could care less. GiantBomb is only one tiny sliver of the internet. If I want to find screencaps of Bazooka Cafe or whatever, I have other bookmarked sources that specialize in such things. Also, if I lose an article in the process, big friggin' deal. Not like I have 15-billion other ones to choose from.

Now just fix AnimeVice. I currently only use that one to find porn. I'd say somethi-Oh wait, they already are. Awesome.

So to Mr. ZombiePie, and all the other people involved, keep up the good work.

Volition wants to know if you'd like to fart in a jar.

According to the Escapist:

 "Seriously - Let us know if you want #fartinajar in Saints Row: The Third. We want to hear from all of you!"

This tweet from the SR3 Twitter asks the fans if they really want there to be a grenade that weaponizes flatulence in jar form. I think it's silly-stupid, but this is also the game that lets you summon dead supporting characters as homies. People who want it would need to tweet to "#farinajar" What say you?

Third Time's a Charm: TF2 bonuses for the third month in a row.

Or close to it. 

Now you can get a headband for the Soldier: for pre-ordering Homefront. He wears it over his eyes: like the guy from the box art/ads.
I'm calling it. This April, we'll see some other bonus thingy: this is becoming too routine. But for March, I'm saving my money. Pre-ordered headbands have a "genuine" title in front of them, as did the items for Rift. Those items will be craftable after that period, so maybe this will be too. Nonetheless, I don't like it.
I wonder what Valve is up to. You'd think the money they're getting from all those keys is giving them a modest cash flow. I don't know, a part of me really thinks that these little trinkets are being used to finance the development of Episode 3 or something. They can't be using it all on sentries for the lobby.

Dammit. More TF2 pre-order stuff.

Okay. I don't know how much I've spent on games for hats and weapons for a better game. (Too much.) Granted, Killing Floor was fun for awhile (until the 5th or so wave killed me everytime) and I haven't given a lot of play to Monday Night Combat to form a concrete opinion. But this next pre-order bonus, for a flaming axe and a "sun on a stick"? Gonna skip. Not because I don't think anything remotely on fire is awesome, but its for an MMORPG. 
So there's this game coming out: Rift. It's not my thing. I don't play this sort of genre and it doesn't look that interesting to me. But turns out Valve is doing more pre-order bonuses, a couple weeks after getting me to buy a rather okay game, to get me interested. Don't ask me where I'm going with this, I'll just ask if there's anyone picking this up.
For me, I'm gonna hope I find an Unusual or something equal in worth and trade for the damn things.



 So it's a spooky version of Q-Bert with a love triangle story? I'm teetering between "interesting" and "lacking" for an opinion. Won't know for sure until I play it for myself.
But I will say this: based on what I've seen, between the demo and the trailer, all I can think of is this song:


  Love is over. A mail says so.

Monday Night Combat now on Steam. More TF2 hat incentives.

So yeah, turns out that Monday Night Combat (which, since I no longer have a 360, I forgot existed) is now on Steam for our enjoyment. And they are now pulling out a recurring marketing ploy: "buy our game and you get stuff for a totally better game."
Anyone picking it up, if only for the hats? And to all those who played it on the XBLA, is it worth the $15? Experience (Alien Swarm, Killing Floor, Poker Night) has taught me that games that use TF2 promos eventually lose player interest after everyone has said items or the game's fun runs out.
Edit: Also, this version has dedicated servers and a map editor. I don't know if the editor is in-game or like Hammer.

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