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Huh. Now I'm curious to how they select the characters for this franchise. That is one eclectic line up right there... I'm pushing for some character DLC packs now.

Because I've longed for ponies in Poker Night, among other characters. (But I doubt it would happen now, with that M-rating and all.)

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-Sees "Limbo": Yeah, I'd like to play that. But I don't know if it'll be worth the investment.

-Sees "S&S": Heard of it, but not that interested.

-Sees "Amnesia": Oh yeah, still need to check that out. Maybe on the next Steam sale.

-Sees "The Bastion": Well... Yahtzee liked it and it does look neat but something about it just doesn't appeal to me.... maybe I'll skip out on this. Perhaps I'll just donate a few bucks to the Humble Brony Bundle and be done w-

-Sees "Psychonauts": ......SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

($5.75 to the HBB and $20.25 to the HIB. I probably overpaid but whatever.)

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Jimmy's kinda chilled in this video... not sure what to think of that.

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My only complaint for this game? Umochao.

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I always feel odd when I end up on someone's friend list long after I stopped contributing to a site.

I'm not leaving GiantBomb or anything: I still have some games I like to talk about. I just wanted to direct the ones who are interested in my work to my new home on our sister site, Screened. I'm doing a fuckload of wiki work over there now, if you're at all interested in anything I do outside of making immature titty jokes.

But, interestingly, last summer was in fact the second one I wasted on making content for Whiskey Media. 
In 2010, it was the Big Breast List.

Now? My Little Pony

Confound these ponies. They drive me to 3,000 point articles about friendship and Q cameos.

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Who can guess the big guy's favorite Pokemon?

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Video stream go boom. :(
EDIT: Fix'd self.

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This.... this is depressing.

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When did you spotlight the machinima page? I'm very proud of that one. When I first found it it was nothing but a single image and a couple games.

EDIT: Feb. 17 of this year. And you even noted my Atari list. Nice.