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I did a complete write-up for Organ Trail: Director's Cut a month back, but one day I found that my points had vanished for that page; not only that, the actual "top contributor" point tally on the wiki page had vanished. I just tried doing a minor edit to see if the "top" tally would re-appear. It did, but now I'm only awarded for one point. The article itself has no change, so now there's a huge imbalance. I don't know if this can be fixed, but I bet you guys would like to know.

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Sounds good to me.

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Whoo! I love explanations! Very thorough; well done.
But when it comes time to talk about this whole thing with friends, I will always fall back on this explanation, if only for a cheap laugh:

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I'm typing up the page for Organ Trail: Director's Cut in a Word document, and I found myself going into a lot of detail regarding the functions of each game screen, since half of the game is text menu. I feel like I'm writing a guide or a user's manual instead of a proper explanation. I'm up for providing detailed information, but where should one stop before they have a huge wall of text? What should be avoided?

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@beachthunder: I wanted to go for something that included the main character in the center, and I couldn't find one since he appears to be towards the bottom in most of them; let alone something higher res. Also, I didn't mean the header tester site, I meant something that included something like... say... a rule of thirds? But it sounds like that's our only tool.

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This for Out of this World

Also, is there a template we can use to judge image sizes and positions? For example, I found one for YouTube's current layout change and that helped when I was designing a friend's channel.

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I just want the YouTube app already.

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@PenguinDust said:

Well, I'm am fully in support of this idea.  I've been fascinated by the "brony" movement and have been watching more and more of the show myself lately.  When I discovered that it was created by storyboard artist from The Powerpuff Girls, Lauren Faust (and wife to PPG creator Craig McCracken), I took a deeper look at the series.  I'm not sure if it's quite as rebellious as that show, but Friendship is Magic certainly has a unique charm to it that transcends its target audience.
It's my fault, isn't it?
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As a gamer, not too interested in it.
As a brony, I like how much it matches the animation and the aesthetic of the show, almost if it had involved the actual animators.... but I'm still not too interested in it.
But like they wrote on the Google Docs FAQ, on why they would make this, why the hell not?

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@Sayishere said:

I wonder how the controller feels like, obviously for that price i would probably not buy it, but im rather curious.

edit. ive just seen this

It looks freaking interesting, i like what you can do with the portals i.e. moving them, also resizing objects. very cool concepts, but the price! oh god

Cant you just use a PS Move for example that should be able to do the same thing right?

Freaking tragic. Those are some cool mechanics, but why would anyone pay for it? In fact, whats stopping the modders from just taking the levels and repro-*stomped to death by crack legal hit squad*