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When I first got to Blackbough I had no problem interacting with the blacksmith there. But now, all of the sudden, I can't talk to him anymore. I've tried meditating, I've tried fast traveling between places and gone back to him, and ofc I've tried restarting the game, but nothing works, and I can't remember doing a quest that would have upset him either. Have anyone else experienced this?

Playing on the PS4 btw.

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Well, that just proves my memory is really bad, cause I dd not remember that cutscene at all.

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I have played both Witcher 1 and 2, but I must have terrible memory since I'm a bit confused about some things in The Witcher 3

1. Ciri, where did she come from? I can't remember seeing or hearing about her in the previous games

2. Ummm, wasn't Yennefer supposedly taken by the wild hunt? Why is she just suddenly back? Or was that someone else?

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They don't like beards? The hell is wrong with them? No wonder the people of the North hates them so much.

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@teddie: Hey, know that the internet and sarcasm really dosn't mix that well

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Length should not determine quality, but it should certainly determine the price of the game.

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@pompouspizza: Hmm, yes he did say that didn't he? Arrrgh, this is tearing me apart.

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Did I really hear it correctly while watching the latest demo derby, and them watching the MGS3 trailer, Dan said: Too bad we are not doing this series anymore?

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I was ready to order this game, until I found out that the game is only 5 hours long.

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The Witcher 3