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Yeah, I figured that out. Too bad tho, I'm already on the EU one, and to high lvl, so I don't wanna start over right now.

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Are people from Europe and NA in the same server? Cause I would like to join, but I'm from Scandinavia.

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@raven10: You played as a dude, can't really remember the story, or who you was. This was a early 3D game, the art style might have been a bit cartoonish, but still a little bloody. Can't really tell much about pick ups and power ups, I just remember them being there. I'm sorry, It's just so blurry, I'm probably just grasping at straws here.

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Please help me remember the name of this game!

So this was an PC game from the early/mid 90's (It might have been on other stuff too, not sure). It was an isometric view/top down shooter with a scifi theme. You picked up weapons and power ups, and I think MAYBE some kinda mecha suits ( not quite sure on that one tho) and you blasted away humans and monsters, all the levels took place indoors as far as I can remember. The game had a single player campaign and local multiplayer, but no co-op I think.

Sounds familiar?

Please, give me some suggestions :)

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on easy. Even medium was to hard of me, but I really wanna finish the game.

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@sinusoidal: Awww, thank you!

... Now I know where she has been these last couple of days.

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So now the huzzle and buzzle with GOTY is done, I wanna know, what was your movie of the year 2013?

My MOTY goes to Prisoners. In my opinion, that movie had Superb acting and writing, a decent story with some nice twists. Now I'm not gonna write a long review and go any more in-depth than that, cause I suck at that stuff. But, yeah, Prisoners!

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@babychoochoo: What shit went behind the scenes on Firefall? I've never did any research of the game. Just saw some gameplay videos and thinking it looked really cool.

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I think I must be on my 5th ps3 controller, or maybe even more.I have kinda lost count. When I rage, its those poor controllers that gets to feel my fury :(

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Seems to me that Can You Run It is unreliable. Some games that have just made it over minimum bar for me, I can run on the highest settings.