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Looks fucking astounding. Lovely work, sir.

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Only just seen those two trailers now and really like what's being set up here. Colour me intrigued!

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Something truly magical about the cut from the pizza slice to the abandonment of the pizza slice.

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Perfect movie for the Minecraft generation. It'll sell MILLIONS.

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Cheers - thought it was probably something a bit more technical than what I was seeing.

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Just noticed something a bit odd when I was looking at the Quick Look for Rugby 15 - the video content wasn't appearing on screen straight away. I was wondering if this was something to do with the network connection I was on, until I noticed an animated gif posted underneath by a user was being loaded in before the video. As soon as the gif loaded, the video content appeared.

Am I going crazy? Is this happening for anyone else? Either way, I don't think a user-posted gif should take priority for the content itself.

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Nice work, @aurahack! Shame I can't be there at PAX to grab these in a more physical, tangible form.

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Wish him well. Hope this doesn't screw him over in some weird way.

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Best of luck with your future adventures, Mr. Klepek. The Ryan stuff made me tear up some too. <>

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This is a favourite of mine - the gang discuss the Pizza Hut app on the 360. Particularly love the banter about pizza and E3 a bit later on in the clip!

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Also can't beat Jeff's genuine hatred for NiGHTS. "I did a loop de loop, man! Isn't that awesome? I got an A! Fuck off."

In fact, any of Jeff's rants against videogames he hates are always entertaining.