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This would break the game and all the story behind it. It's like asking NBA 2K games to add snowmobiles next year, because wouldn't it be more fun and exciting to play basketball on snowmobiles? You walk everywhere for a reason, the freaking nuclear war happened and everything went to shit. Even if they managed to somehow make vehicles, where would they get the fuel for them? Would they be the generation, that figured out how to power cars without using gasoline?

I thought all the cars in fallout had little nuclear reactors in them or something

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@pie: Well survival mode in New Vegas was something akin to monitoring fuel...

Yeah and I really liked that but remember that that was Obsidian. I would assume Fallout 4 will be Bethesda

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Only if the map was way bigger. Those games tend to be really dense and putting vehicles into that environment could get pretty awkward. Managing fuel would be cool but that kind of gameplay doesn't seem to interest Bethesda much

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Oh Hizang. You'll get justice one day.

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Just the chaos theory soundtrack, max payne 3 soundtrack, hotline miami soundtrack and Bastion soundtrack. Now I just tend to listen to different albums by the same artist though. So overall not a whole not

Chiptune is lame

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@rebel_scum: he plays an almost deaf FBI agent in like 5 episodes dude :(

You mean David Lynch does?

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I got a 4. It is silly that this doesn't give the average score for your demographic though

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Ubisoft games like these seem to generally get less interesting the more they go on (ass creed 1 to 2, far cry 2 to 3) and watch dogs already looks like a fairly whatever game so whatever who cares

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I'll watch the final probably