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It's a shame about KOF but OH MAN Guilty Gear at EVO?!

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I hope they play it on the original console. I hear that awesome "Dream Sequence" in the prison is taken out in the modern HD version of the game. It's probably the best Easter Egg and the most memorable one fo me in that game. Plus the Radio Calls to Sigint and Para-medic afterwards are hilarious.

MGS3 is probably my favourite of them all so far, the ending sequence is just amazing.

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Drew should play everything, right down to the Ac!d games. (Though maybe not Portable Ops).

Plus I feel the way the series is going Peace Walker is so important (and downright cool) it's practically a numbered Metal Gear for me.

Plus dat ending fight:

Fighting a giant Robot that can actually launch a nuke mid-fight!

So awesomely intense!

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I loved the game mostly it was fantastic. The art and music are great, the gameplay is solid. The side cast, while some are underdeveloped, are by and large pretty entertaining. Really I wish we had another full scale console game done in this vein.

Only problem with the first game is towards the end everyone starts tossing the idiot ball about:

"Should I use my massive powers to destroy that supertank at relatively little cost?" "No of course not! You are more than a weapon!"

Said Super Tank goes on to plow through the capital causing untold costs in property damage and probably massive loss of life.

Honestly I'm surprised they didn't all get tried for war crimes for not stopping that.

"Hey villain, you look pretty beat up! I'm just going to grab you and your volatile super weaponry and jump into this volatile super weapon!"

He was already beat Faldio, you dragging him down in a big sacrifice just made the tank blow up and endanger everyone pointlessly at the end.

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Sure but there's mechanical benefits as well.

Freaking dyed chocobos man.

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Is there a place to easily see the prices of all available houses in an area at once? I'm finding it incredibly difficult to scout out prices by legging it from placard to placard.

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Something Sci-fi

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Giantbomb: Maybe there's something wrong with Nintendo?


Rational Duders: Actually guys it's not that bad...

Rinse and repeat for every article about Nintendo for the foreseeable future.

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Game's fantastic! Just gotta get over my urge to throttle most of the main cast for making stupid decisions in the finale. Also wish they had a little more time for some of the minor characters but it's definitely worth picking up.