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So yeah beat the game...guess I'll some up the choices.

Protect the Baby!: Obviously, surprised it was so 'even' in the decision making process. Just seems natural, especially given how episode 4 the last choice you make is essentially the same to protect the baby.

Cover Luke: If I'd went any closer I'd bring us both down, he wasn't in a particularly bad position so long as the Walkers were away from them so I gunned them down. In fact if it hadn't been for Bonnie going in close to pull him up then I reckon he'd have been ok getting out there. In an ideal world I'd have called for him to slide me the AK so it's less weight and we could better keep the Walkers away but eh. In fact in hindsight how dare Bonnie say "It's your fault" when we were freezing in front of the fire because I didn't go to help him. Hell she herself saw what happened when you went to help him arguably made it worse.

Didn't leave with Mike: I was so furious with them when I saw them doing that. Throughout the entire thing I knew Arvo was only out for himself. He rejected our sympathy at every turn, sure Kenny was beating on him pretty bad but lets not forget this guy actively set us up to get ambushed. Lord knows how many others they've done it to. For all the sympathy Mike was getting him I knew Arvo wouldn't hold back if he had a chance to rebel. Then he goes ahead and shoots me, I don't really blame him, I just regret not using the "gun" option on him first. I opted to talk first, maybe they'd see sense. The MAJOR villain in this scene for me, is Bonnie. Mike at least tried to make a persuasive attempt to get me to go with, he tried to be diplomatic and disarm me. Bonnie is just at his shoulder, not even a word to me going "Let's go!" The hell Bonnie?! We've gotten all alright before why can't you see how dumb this is? And to agree with some of the other people here: Why not ask Clementine to go with you? Didn't she pretty much bust you out of Carver's place? I called for Kenny and Jane as soon as I got the chance, only disappointment is I didn't get to see what happened to those guys.

Looked Away and let Kenny stab Jane: I knew the moment Jane dropped the 'wounded' act and settled down to say "Just watch him" that something horrific was up. I didn't know what, but whatever it was it was awful. At worst I'd considered she'd just tossed the baby, she'd made it clear she wasn't fond of massive liabilities and it seemed like getting lost in a blizzard would be a convenient opportunity to lose the baby. I was even more baffled when she didn't offer any real explanation to Kenny, she made it clear she was looking for the fight. I thought maybe she wanted to prove he's a monster by saying she got in some trouble with a Walker and dropped AJ and couldn't find him or some reasonable excuse but she just drew her knife and was looking to fight. She only wanted one thing from the group: Clem. She wanted to use AJ's death to drive a wedge between Kenny and Clem. Also leaving a crying baby in a car in a blizzard surrounded by zombies? When you have no idea whether you'll make it back alive to retrieve the baby? It's just as likely Kenny and Clem could never hear AJ or that Zombies could have heard AJ first. It's a psychotic plan! Hell perhaps she was hoping AJ would snuff it thinking she could talk Clem round afterwards that she never meant for it to happen. I don't know, either way if she hadn't done that they could have went on to Wellington together. The only reason anyone had to be sacrificed at the end is because of Jane's convoluted machinations. I thought she was cool before that but this episode really really makes me hate her for what she did. Way I see it she's just as bad as Kenny for getting attached to things, at least Kenny does things for the right reasons. Also as an aside, credit to Kenny for being overly wounded and still winning a fight against a younger spryer combatant. Kenny's tough but the season has always shown Jane as a born survivor. Disappointed there wasn't an option to shoot Jane myself.

I left Kenny for Wellington: I love Kenny and it was tragic how it happened but it's what he wanted. AJ wouldn't have had a chance of being raised in the wilds like that, sooner or later something would have happened to the kid. The only chance of a stable home and a future for the kid is in Wellington. I almost laughed and started crying when Kenny took off his hat to give to AJ. I almost feel guilty knowing so many people left with Kenny in the wilds but I just couldn't, it's not a good choice for AJ and it defies Kenny's last wishes. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Kenny just ate his own gun once the credits were rolling but Kenny did the right thing.

The Walking Dead: Actually Kenny's story all along.

He really got some FANTASTIC moments in this. I found myself choking up as we talked about Duck and Katjaa back then. Then we talked about Lee....then you get the flashback to season one and...well I was just so happy seeing Lee again. Didn't realise how much I missed him. I'm going to miss that guy. Still a good season, though I imagine I'll clash with a few of my friends who betrayed Kenny in the end.

Godspeed Kenny, I hope you are doing alright wherever you are.

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@lukeweizer: But what if you had to subscribe to Amazon Prime instead?

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Hmmm thanks for all the opinions guys. I reviewed the DLC that was available with the 'deluxe' edition and it does seem excessively superficial (mounts, a throne presumably for a house, weapons) so I think I can probably go without any of those actual pre-order bonuses. I was hoping it'd be some story DLC as Origins had some really solid DLC adventures but I suppose I can wait and see what actually comes out (and what the game is like) before deciding whether or not to buy it.

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Hey folks.

Dragon Age, despite mis-steps in the sequel is still a game series good enough I feel willing to buy it at day one. I saw that there was an "Ultimate Edition" coming out with a variety of DLC and the like with it, I don't pre-order much so I'm just wondering if there's any important factors or other 'packs' out there that might be worth pre-ordering. Different retailers sometimes do different offers on it so I'm being cautious about this plus I might be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

Should I pre-order it and if so, what are my options really or things to look out for?

I'm based in the UK so tips regarding retailers there or online would be appreciated.

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Make it so.

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I think it was done appropriately to indicate the dark tone that was going to be taken. No point lying about it, military troops have done some horrific things already with prisoners in real life that aren't sanctioned or orthodox. It's a tough topic to tackle but it's totally in line with the sort of 'anti-military' theme Metal Gear games gun with.

It does set Skull Face up as a horrific monster but again I don't think it's entirely inappropriate given the specific situation Chico and Paz were in. If they'd played like a tape of IT happening then sure I'd say that would be unnecessary and absolutely not ok but they left it implied and off-camera so they have some degree of sense.

Also regarding the existence of the tapes, some were legitimate recordings by Chico to warn Big Boss and detail his infiltration. The rest, I believe it's revealed in another tape, were made by Skull Face for Chico to listen to in order to remind him of what he did and what happened in the torture sessions.

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As the title says, a while back a couple of the guys did a cool segment where they all did Pathfinder as a tabletop RPG and it was pretty awesome entertainment. Around the end of the mini-starter campaign they were talking about making plans to do more of it.

Just wondering if there was anything in the works like that as I'd love to see more of it.

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@shagge said:

Holy shit, that's beautiful. I could see most of those clips working in a Red Dwarf context. Well done, duder.

(would Brad be Kryten? It seems to me that he should be Kryten.)

I think Drew would make a good Kryten.

Brad strikes me as more of a Lister. Especially with that clip of him straightening up and looking self-important in his hardhat.

Looks awesome man!

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Got it, thanks for the help man. Dunno why the download button didn't work tonight but hopefully it'll be sorted another time.

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@forcen said:

Yeah, works fine to me. They are direct links to the video files, so if you try to save them it should. What browser are you using?

I'm using Firefox the now, thanks for the link it's downloading nicely. Did you get it with the Download button on the site? For future reference I should know if it's just my connection tonight or my browser or whatever as hopefully I'll find another workaround.