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So I'm getting to that stage where my Bowguns are starting to get up there in the ranks and the question has come about whether I should remove the limiter or not.

Originally I was all for it, I do like Crouching Fire but I hear it's just flat out not-viable in later ranks. I'd made my piece with saying goodbye to that. Then I found out it also supposedly cripples your mobility even more. That's making me rethink it a bit. I don't cruise with Shields on my Gun so losing my ability to roll away I think might just cripple me.

Is it all that decimating removing the limiter or is it still something to go for?

(I would love to put in a poll about what customised bowgun set people run with here in terms of shields, limiters and power barrels but as I'm derping on that please feel free to state that too.)

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Hey there.

Just unlocked Teostra and Lunastra parts and I'm wanting an opinion on which of their bowguns to make.

Lunastra's Cannon or Teostra's artillery.

I'm thinking this will round out my gunnery for my Fire choice. I currently use Brachydios' Heavy Gun as my choice for fire but it's lacking in the clip capacity area. Plus I think these weapons look pretty rad. I'm leaning towards Lunastra's Cannon right now as I see it's got some mad versatility but Teostra has the advantage in that it can crouch fire Flaming Shots.

Was wondering if anyone could weigh in on this for me if they have a preference...or if elemental damage is even something I should care about as a HBG user.

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New characters! New Story Mode! The works!

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Seems to be a whole lot of "awful" without much reasoning behind it. Saying it's "awful" tells us that you don't like it, not why or for any valid reasons. Folks acknowledge it's "stats based" like it's automatically a bad thing but it's just stating a fact rather than something being objectively bad.

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Would that count or would that be a "re-imagining"

Edit: On a roll!

Final Fantasy 4, 3 and Chrono Trigger on the DS I'd say are all remakes, good ones too.

Oh Snap:

The best of remakes: The Resident Evil remake on Gamecube...which then got remastered

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Yeah for me "remakes" mean properly reworking something or upgrading it to modern mechanics. Like how Metal Gear Solid got the remake into "The Twin Snakes" same game but notably more refined with new things added in.

Nowadays in the age of remaster it's just like "Well we can re-release the same game and just upscale the graphics," it's functionally the exact same. I bet it's getting to the point where marketing execs are saying "Lets hold back when making this game, so we can release a remastered edition that'll look even better." or something along those lines.

There's a difference between 'remakes' and 'remasters/hd upgrades' for me. If it's bringing that game to a market that might never have had it before then fair enough. Just making a game shinier and putting it on the latest console from the last console? Seems a bit weak to me.

If nothing else, these remakes are keeping people employed and generating some amount of revenue for the industry.

True but what's the point in an industry that repeatedly releases the same product (literally in the case of remasters) with slightly shinier looks?

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In my experience it is. Most folks I've talked to remember Blitzball fondly, or occasionally as a chore needed to farm Dark Matter for special 'no sphere grid' playthroughs or something. Nothing like this level.

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Yeah like I said that was my problem with it. It played 'fine' as a management game but we'd all hoped it would be a full-control game like before. Just don't see why they couldn't have had it as both a management and controlled game.

On the plus side for X-2's Blitzball they made it flow much faster and improved on a lot of the animations but that's just par for the course with sequels.

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The first game is meant to be hard because you are the underdogs? It makes sense. It's not like you HAVE to win anyway. Frankly what's truly amazing is how the team beats the Al Bhed Psyches to beat those guys, those guys are elite.

It's got me wondering if it's a cultural thing, most people around here I know LOVE Blitzball. I remember people hoping that when the HD version came out Blitzball would have online capacity.

In defence of the game:

  • Yes it's a stats game about a sport, it's even competent at what it does.This is not a fault in it's own, it's a statement of personal preference if you hate the nature of it. As far as it's own mechanics go it fills them out pretty well.
  • It's rewarding if you use Wakka (because Attack Reels are pretty absurd before you even begin to talk about his ultimate weapon).
  • The mechanics make sense and there's an exceedingly in-depth tutorial for it. That as far as I recall explains every normal game mechanic.
  • Yes it does have bugs like being able to hide behind the goalie to make the other team leave you alone. However so far as I've seen there's never any bugs in naturally occurring gameplay, you have to intentionally exploit that.
  • Yes you can break the game by hiring an absurdly awesome team. A game reflecting reality: The team with the most money hires the best players. Enjoy the power trip. Hire Brother so NO ONE ELSE can.
  • The Music IS pretty annoying if listened too forever, I kind of wish we could have had this song more in the game as it was damn heroic when it came on before.
  • Yes the game doesn't care much for physics, that's referring to "FFX" the game rather than "Blitzball" the game. Don't stress because it doesn't make sense. Codex entries explaining the background of stuff are nice but entirely optional to me.

Honestly surprised to see so much hate.

Potentially me being even weirder: I liked SOME of the things they did with it in X-2. I liked how injuries were now a thing along with substitutions and some of the management stuff (though I liked manager games for a while). I just wish they had combined it with full-on control. I didn't see a reason why they could have allowed us to control the game in addition to managing the team.

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Nah they weren't all junk, Budokai 3 was great fun and I remember Budokai 2 fondly for it's unique story angle, where you can actually fight Majin Buu every step of the way and watch him absorb basically everyone (including Cell and Frieza for some reason).

Tenkaiichi was also pretty great aside from the moves feeling toned down a bit, less big cutscene moves and more occasional move clones.

Still they don't all suck, I was playing Budokai and Tenkaiichi with friends only a few years ago so I doubt it's Nostalgia Glasses. One thing for sure is I'd say more modern ones haven't left me thrilled but that's only really Raging Blast I've played.