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*approved*Liked it, wanted to rip Drew's throat out for not adjusting his camouflage when moving from leafy forest to urban ruins in the first episode.

Was baffled to see some people stopped playing just because of the mass of injuries you get at the end of the virtuous mission. I actually wish it was a little more restrictive like it punished you for doing the wrong order or something...or for trying the cigar on every single injury.

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Ah so spoiled by modern shooters. I don't remember objective markers being a big deal back then.

I remember the game fondly for the awesome D-Day opening mission.

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@turboman said:

The length of this wait is like some sort of long ladder that never stops.

Darkness and silence through the night...

What a thrill...

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I wasn't thinking it invalidated the MC's sacrifice...more the efforts of SEES in The Answer.

My bad: Replace "Nyx" with Erebus in my last post.

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Eh...it wasn't a permanent solution to Nyx, plus it's not like the place Nyx was in was exactly easy to get to on a regular basis. However....Ultimax reveals that...

Elizabeth regularly comes in to kill Nyx (with the same air as one would water the garden) so that the strain on the Persona 3 protagonist isn't so bad. So it kind of is invalid in the end thanks to Elizabeth's kindness.

I have more of a problem as to why the game didn't let me pick sides in the Answer. I was constantly thinking "God Akihiko, you and Ken got the right thinking about this" yet the game still sticks me with Metis (who I never used). Had to grind with her to follow a path I didn't even agree with.

Still I can't complain too much about Persona 3...it did allow me to tell Yukari that she was a horrible human being when she was miserable so...game of the century in that aspect.

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Thanks man, tried looking for Team Spooky earlier as I knew they were in charge of it but kept getting back to the Melee tournament somehow.

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Did the Smash 4 showing get archived anywhere? I was on Nightshift all weekend and missed it all.

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There's a really great video of folks playing Fortune Street on a TNT way back I believe.

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Definitely, the games get really good later on. Plus watching Jeff suffer makes my day.

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It's a shame about KOF but OH MAN Guilty Gear at EVO?!