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I just miss Snake and Wolf I guess...and I'd rather they'd taken the extra time to stamp out clones. Yes its only 3 or 6 in a roster of 45+ plus characters but the point is as time goes on we'd hoped to stamp out Clones or that they'd become unique enough that they could be considered (I.e. if they had reworked ganondorf to give him a dual swords moveset). Yet they include more clones still, some of which are Absurdly similar without substantially changing the past clones that is the problem for me. Especially when they had a roster of previous Characters that are unique to pull from like Snake and Ice climbers or mewtwo

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Also Dan you gotta make Drew look at some of the Secret Theatre afterwards. A more perfect example of Kojima's hilarious nature there has never been.

Dat Quick Ending.

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Originals. That's what it's all about after all, recreating the experience.

Plus seriously....that nightmare sequence in 3 must be shown to Drew.

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But y'see a large number of Scotland will have voted in ignorance and fear.

One of Gordon Brown's campaign pitches towards the end was "If you don't know, vote no" actively encouraging people to vote in ignorance without regard for the consequences. Really if someone doesn't know they should not vote or spoil their ballot (as there was no "Not sure" answer on the paper).

The answers were out there, but for those unable to access them easily (as the papers and BBC were largely biased in favour of the union and other information was mostly online) such as the elderly and less-computer literate it was EASY for them to vote No. Alex Salmond led a good campaign, but there's only so much he can do for the people who are shut off from the world and not interested in finding out more and taking the easy way out.

In any case the currency union wouldn't have mattered, Scotland could have continued using the pound. However the UK would have held the currency union in any case because it would have been crippling to their economy as well to deny it due to the amount of trade.

As for blaming my countrymen? Yeah I suppose I do a bit, I also blame the No campaign's despicable tactics but that just makes it sadder in the end. If the powers Scotland receives are paltry or non-existent (as Cameron's backbenchers are saying he overstepped the mark) then I can see him being called out on it and people striving for independence again. The No voters who were swayed by the promises of power will come over and when Cameron says "But you voted for this" they'll say "You changed the deal".

They praise the vote turnout for this referendum and hope that'll indicate greater success in future but I doubt it, people only turn out because this one felt like it matters. If anything it showed me how little my vote does matter to Westminster because I learned how overwhelmed it is by England. I reckon that for the people who still want independence and felt passionately about it, they will vote for the SNP again and petition them to keep going for Independence again. While the people who breathed a sigh of relief will either go back to not turning out for a vote because they don't care or voting for one of their parties. I know some Yes supporters already who've said they are converting to SNP after this so the SNP might have significantly more clout next time and secure the referendum again because it's what their supporters want.

I wouldn't say we've heard the last of this by a long shot.

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I suppose a super-fast hedgehog would count as a monster to be hunted...

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Here's a little bit of an enjoyable sentimental speech. Honestly I was hoping for something like this, it's always the best thing to come out of big events, the big heart-pulling speeches.

I mean some will dismiss it as sentimental drivel, but there's plenty of valid reasons to back it up so a little of the heart to go with the head can't go wrong.

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Agreed, it's concerning somewhat, because (blatant opinion commencing) I think that a "No" vote is an 'easy way out'. A victory for apathy and fear as such, where nothing really changes, Scotland gets given minor powers but nothing that really matters and a far step away from what it used to be.

The trouble is there are people out there that will dismiss a vote purely on the grounds of disliking the politician (granted conversely a vote can be bought by something as simple as making the tea I've heard). There's people who will not think about the actual consequences and effects when they vote and will just take the easy option.

So while the polls might be 51% Yes to 49% no, this is all going to come down to the undecided voters.

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Oh man, how does one get these codes? Is it all Club Nintendo members or only certain ones for Europe?

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@atlas: Actually I'm sorry to say but Scotland doesn't make a difference in "fending off the tories".

If you'll look here on page 7 you'll see a graph showing the parliament votes minus Scottish Influence. While Scotland is largely a massive labour base it doesn't make enough of a difference in this situation.

I'm surprised there's more English that Scottish speaking out here to say the least, but the opinions are welcome anyway.

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That's fair, I don't understand how currency unions work, economy is hardly my field of expertise. Would you care to enlighten me on the matter?

I'd like to know also why if it's purely for "sentimental reasons" why is the UK so keen to hold onto us? I suppose I'd rather you put up points rather than just slander the politician ultimately.