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I think it was done appropriately to indicate the dark tone that was going to be taken. No point lying about it, military troops have done some horrific things already with prisoners in real life that aren't sanctioned or orthodox. It's a tough topic to tackle but it's totally in line with the sort of 'anti-military' theme Metal Gear games gun with.

It does set Skull Face up as a horrific monster but again I don't think it's entirely inappropriate given the specific situation Chico and Paz were in. If they'd played like a tape of IT happening then sure I'd say that would be unnecessary and absolutely not ok but they left it implied and off-camera so they have some degree of sense.

Also regarding the existence of the tapes, some were legitimate recordings by Chico to warn Big Boss and detail his infiltration. The rest, I believe it's revealed in another tape, were made by Skull Face for Chico to listen to in order to remind him of what he did and what happened in the torture sessions.

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As the title says, a while back a couple of the guys did a cool segment where they all did Pathfinder as a tabletop RPG and it was pretty awesome entertainment. Around the end of the mini-starter campaign they were talking about making plans to do more of it.

Just wondering if there was anything in the works like that as I'd love to see more of it.

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Holy shit, that's beautiful. I could see most of those clips working in a Red Dwarf context. Well done, duder.

(would Brad be Kryten? It seems to me that he should be Kryten.)

I think Drew would make a good Kryten.

Brad strikes me as more of a Lister. Especially with that clip of him straightening up and looking self-important in his hardhat.

Looks awesome man!

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Got it, thanks for the help man. Dunno why the download button didn't work tonight but hopefully it'll be sorted another time.

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Yeah, works fine to me. They are direct links to the video files, so if you try to save them it should. What browser are you using?

I'm using Firefox the now, thanks for the link it's downloading nicely. Did you get it with the Download button on the site? For future reference I should know if it's just my connection tonight or my browser or whatever as hopefully I'll find another workaround.

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How about this link? Not for you

Try right click: save as. Also the download button expands to a menu for me, for different video quality and file sizes. Does it not for you?

It does but whatever one I choose (I haven't tried mobile yet) it goes to loading the page for a while before blanking and giving me the error.

Can you vouch that "save as" method works for you? I've seen a couple other sites do it that way for music.

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Hey there.

I've got a sleepover shift at work tomorrow and there's no internet, so I fancy downloading the Unprofessional Friday video 03/14/2014 to watch tomorrow night.

So I tried the download button on the page several times but I kept getting "The Connection to the Server was reset while loading".Is this a general problem with downloading videos from the site as I've never tried it before. If so is there another way to download the videos?

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EVE is a terrifying and amazing thing...

Though I can't help but feel the bad guys won in this situation, especially considering it all came down to a glitch. Makes me wonder if once the fallout resolves the N3 will ever be in a position to stabilise the galaxy again or whether the Russians are just going to claim it all.

Think I'll give the Winner's podcast a miss.

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It's good to see some positivity for the WiiU. Just finished listening to today's bombcast and they were all doom and gloom for Nintendo as usual. They brought up the all-too-frequent suggestion Nintendo should go the way of Sega and release it's exclusivity but that's practically death if Nintendo loses that. I'm not especially interested in Third Party support as everyone hammers in I like how Nintendo is willing to do things a little differently and make glorious First Party games. I think it's tragic how gaming is changing into something monstrous these days and while Nintendo keeps to it's solid original formula, people don't like that they refuse to change along with the rest.

I love having my Wii U and playing games on the little screen while I run Netflix or whatever on my big screen. People go on and on about it's name being a problem but by this point anyone smart enough can clock it's a new platform with ease. I'm just worried with so many people being deadset against Nintendo as Nintendoomed they're holding off. Worse so if there's someone who's holding off because they think the First party things will be sold off otherwise.

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Hmm I'm not saying everything he says is right but he made me think up a few points. Patrick's right when he talks about having less games but valuing them more as a kid because we didn't have many options. I look over too many games that I don't have all the time to finish these days (in hard copies and Virtual copies) and I think it's probably a fair point that I'm wasting some money.

It's not like I'll never indulge in sales or never wait until something drops from full price again but I'll definitely tighten up what I want to spend my money on. Focus on games I REALLY want to play.