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I suppose a super-fast hedgehog would count as a monster to be hunted...

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Here's a little bit of an enjoyable sentimental speech. Honestly I was hoping for something like this, it's always the best thing to come out of big events, the big heart-pulling speeches.

I mean some will dismiss it as sentimental drivel, but there's plenty of valid reasons to back it up so a little of the heart to go with the head can't go wrong.

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Agreed, it's concerning somewhat, because (blatant opinion commencing) I think that a "No" vote is an 'easy way out'. A victory for apathy and fear as such, where nothing really changes, Scotland gets given minor powers but nothing that really matters and a far step away from what it used to be.

The trouble is there are people out there that will dismiss a vote purely on the grounds of disliking the politician (granted conversely a vote can be bought by something as simple as making the tea I've heard). There's people who will not think about the actual consequences and effects when they vote and will just take the easy option.

So while the polls might be 51% Yes to 49% no, this is all going to come down to the undecided voters.

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Oh man, how does one get these codes? Is it all Club Nintendo members or only certain ones for Europe?

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@atlas: Actually I'm sorry to say but Scotland doesn't make a difference in "fending off the tories".

If you'll look here on page 7 you'll see a graph showing the parliament votes minus Scottish Influence. While Scotland is largely a massive labour base it doesn't make enough of a difference in this situation.

I'm surprised there's more English that Scottish speaking out here to say the least, but the opinions are welcome anyway.

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That's fair, I don't understand how currency unions work, economy is hardly my field of expertise. Would you care to enlighten me on the matter?

I'd like to know also why if it's purely for "sentimental reasons" why is the UK so keen to hold onto us? I suppose I'd rather you put up points rather than just slander the politician ultimately.

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Yeah it's a big issue and it's scary, but no matter which way the country votes there will be turbulent times afterwards so there is no 'safe' vote as such anymore. It's a matter of voting what's best for Scotland.

Here, a collection of information to address most of the big issues talked about in the debate. ^_^ Information is an important thing and it's very easy to distrust politicians so please have a look and I hope you come to a decision you are comfortable with and vote on the 18th.

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@bollard: England don't actually have a choice in the matter. The Pound is Fully-Tradeable International Currency, Alistair Darling (who heads up the televised debates for the "No" camp) has admitted that they can't stop us from using it. I should say this is AFTER they led a large campaign of fear that indicated we wouldn't be able to use it.

It's in England's best interests to have a currency union, however that's 'best interests' as a plan B. The ideal outcome for Westminster (the seat of UK politics) is to keep Scotland in. If Scotland does leave and the UK cuts off the Pound, then they are simultaneously cutting off Scotland from all the debt that it was under as part of the "UK Pound". Scotland has agreed in the event of a Currency Union to pay a fair share of the debt. It's a scenario where everybody 'wins' on a financial level...except where the UK loses control of one of it's provinces.

In the words of Darling himself


To answer your questions about money, a recent report from the oil industry explains that there's actually trillions worth of oil in West Scotland waters.

The problem? It can't be accessed as long as Trident is there...a costly and obsolete system that only paints a target on Scotland that really England should bare the brunt of. In an independent Scotland, Trident would be removed. Even without that, Westminster has been downplaying the value of North Sea oil reserves ever since they were discovered.

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In light of the Scottish Independence mailbag I figured there could be a place to talk about it here!

What are you voting and why?

Remember please keep it civil as this is a highly contentious and momentously important issue.

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Sorry...I guess I'd only "explicitly" hear that if I'd let her live..which would be wrong.

Kenny obviously was going to snap, I'm not denying he was mentally unstable. Jane hardly is as well considering the monstrous obsessive things she did to sink her claws into Clem. Also I think "losing a baby in a zombie-infested blizzard" is harder than you'd think. The baby can't exactly go off on it's own, the zombies are slowed by the snow and their senses are all shot to hell. You yourself see this, you can get through the blizzard section just by walking.

In the end the woman who asked you to abandon the person who arguably got you this far and looked after you way back when is asking you to MURDER for her. Jane's a big girl, she can fight her own battles and shouldn't force a little girl into a situation where she has to make that choice.