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Just finished the plot. It was pretty great for a finale, lots of crazy things happening at it's best.

Though I wonder about this (LARGE ENDGAME SPOILER WARNING):

Large Endgame Spoilers:

If Estinien goes onto become Nidhogg, who trains the Dragoons in their Job Quests?

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@zeik: @grandcurator: @babychoochoo:

Ok thanks for the perspectives, the buffs are really amazingly handy and I sort of took my first baby steps into 8-man content the other night by healing with my girlfriend in WOD the other night. Though I hear mixed perspectives on our stances, some people say Nocturnal is the way to go when paired with a WHM (which I do) while others say that Diurnal is so much better than it you are better sticking with the Regens.

Also just did Gubal Library last night as my main (MNK) and MAN is that place fun. I am dying to get one of it's kilts though.

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I figured I'd give healing ago and picked up Astrologian. I love card-wielding heroes (Twisted Fate, Gambit, etc) so I was pretty down with the idea of random buffs and figured it'd be a nice chance to fit in.

I do enjoy the class but now I'm worried about Stigma I'll get for playing it. I see so many people complaining about it online, after the latest patch (3.05?) my friend told me about the buffs the class had received and I was like "SWEET!" so I went to see what other people were talking about it.

A whole lot of "CRAP" and a whole lot of "Still worse than SCH or WHM," and man it just made me sad to think that I might join a party and get derision for picking a type of healer. Still in any case my girlfriend babysat me as a healer team through WOD last night so I'm gaining confidence in 8-party content.

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Urgggh someone is saying that's the reason why the E3 show was done in puppets.

So no one would see how ill he was at the time.

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Man that Irvine...he says some crazy things.

Oh snap just realised something about Irvine in hindsight so many years after I played that game:

With memories like that, no wonder he had trouble pulling the trigger in the assassination.

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Damn :(

Like....ugh...what a vibrant man.

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@dudeglove: My guess?

Catching Rinoa in Space and her somehow surviving that long.

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Hahahahahaha it gets so much worse.


He's not even went to space yet!

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Firefly the board game is a pretty good "Space Trucking Simulator" if you have the time to play it. Most folks I play with say that the adventure and journey is fun enough that it's not such a big deal if they are winning.

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Regarding the discussion saying Simon knew about the twins?

In clip D187, Eve mentions that Simon did not know about Hannah's sister, but that he pieced the dots together at the birthday argument.

The Tattoos seem a pretty clear indication they are two separate people though. Yes the tale is a bit far-fetched but we are dealing with fiction here. That kinda stuff is ok.