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Regarding the discussion saying Simon knew about the twins?

In clip D187, Eve mentions that Simon did not know about Hannah's sister, but that he pieced the dots together at the birthday argument.

The Tattoos seem a pretty clear indication they are two separate people though. Yes the tale is a bit far-fetched but we are dealing with fiction here. That kinda stuff is ok.

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"Nintendo-like solution" : Probably just a solution in-line with the company's core values and goals. It doesn't sound that off or unfathomable in my head.

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They realised "Oh Crap we kicked out the right voice of Snake....this doesn't sound right..." but it was too late, bridges had been burnt and Kiefer was already paid for.

Then decided to go for minimalist writing so as not to emphasise the difference and play it down.

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Wrong in the sense those games 'belong' on Nintendo hardware?

Was going to post about the ports already existing but beaten to it. It's cool an all that they are doing this (unless it's just an attempt to sink Mighty Number 9 sales by dwarfing it) but really it's the X series I find increasingly difficult to get ahold of and play that I'd like compiled together.

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Man people are just spoiled these days if they think these graphics look bad enough to drag the entire game down

I'm quite excited with this, should be a good ride when it comes out. Though part of me hopes that if the character is voiced it won't limit the amount of dialogue options you have.

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@venekor said:

Did anyone actually play Fallout 3?

It was based on a horribly dated engine that was never good, it made for a highly buggy game, it crashed all the frigging time, the animations were like cardboard, there were loading screens to bloody go in anywhere and it looked terrible. I had to install a codec pack to stop it from crashing whenever I went through a door on my PC... wtf? It was a common issue, I'm guessing a sound card thing or a setting somewhere but it took years for it to get fixed, probably not even fixed by them but there being a new Windows. Why would you have loading screens to go through every building any ways? What was it the 90s?

Worked alright for me? Lots of Open world games are buggy and crash and share the same issues? It's part and parcel of the Bethesda open world experience, Skyrim had plenty of loading screens everywhere as well.

@venekor said:

The story was THE WORST, it had a strong start and then ended about 4 hours later. I get that side quests are a big thing to do, but if there is going to be no main plot then I have nothing there to make me feel invested in the world. Bethesda games are always like this, fine give me lots to do, but give me a great story as well.

The story might have been short but so? It's memorable for what it does, I can remember most of the big set pieces and it takes you to some really interesting places (the VR vault being especially cool). Longer story does not necessarily equal a better story for example To the Moon.

Of course this is all opinion based, if you are resolute that the time a plot takes is integral to the quality of the plot then that's your decision but I'd advise you give To the Moon a shot anyway. In fact everyone should play to the Moon.

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The combat system was unbearable as well, you could stand point blank, shoot someone in the head and the game told you that you missed.... pft fuck off! I just don't understand how any one thinks that was fun, if you cannot do good real time first person combat then don't do it at all. The VATs system was fun for 5 mins, then it gets old and you want to skip it all the time, you cannot make that a main focus. Too many games get let off for having bad combat and control schemes even though they're the main part of the game, The Witcher 3 is another example of a game I cannot stand to play, it just controls so poorly. I'm here to play a game, not watch a movie, so you better get the control and combat part right, not have a weirdly dated floaty moon walk jump like Fallout 3.

If you say so? I actually remember using corners to force people to stand point blank so I could kill them easily with Vats. You pop out, hit someone a few times, duck back in and wait for the Super Mutant to run around the corner right into 3 or 4 VAT assisted Combat Shotgun blasts to the face. Worked like a treat. The VATs system never really got old for me, especially with some of the better perks for it later on.

I guess the game at it's core is an RPG, if you rely on VATS then yes, aiming at the head point blank will still incur a roll of the dice if there's anything other than 100% chance. Least it's not XCOM, I hear that game just outright lies about it's probability to hit things.

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To top it all off there wasn't even any vehicles, people will make excuses but the only one I can think of is just because that engine was so bad. It really does feel like a relic from the 90s and not something form 2008 :\ I just don't get how people remember the game so fondly, it fucking sucked and all my friends at the time felt so as well, most of them gave up trying to play because it either didn't work or crashed all the time.

Huh that's strange I remember tonnes of vehicles...burnt out...strewn on the side of the road...damaged and broken...scrapped for parts...dismantled and used to build shelters. Yeah tonnes of vehicles in that game.

However I guess you are saying since "people will make excuses" that the "everything outside the vaults got nuked the crap out of," doesn't quite make a believable excuse for you.

An alternative question: Does a game NEED vehicles to be a good game?

For me the answer is no, indeed there's many games where the inclusion of vehicles only culminates in a small turret sequence of some form and plenty of games do fine without them. It's not a Mad Max apocalypse, which was caused by the economy crashing apparently, stuff was destroyed in the process of Fallout's apocalypse. It makes sense for things not to work. If you have an issue about traversal of the land then you have a fast travel system. If you have an issue about having to visit somewhere to fast travel to it then I guess the game might just not be for you, part of the joy was just the exploration of the world.

Each new town brought it's own characters and storylines, some of which are really unique and memorable. The random events you got from just wandering around were the stuff you would tell your friends about the next day saying "Yeah this time an alien ship crashed while I was wandering around and I got a sweet blaster!". What's more the game rewards exploration with XP and it's unique storylines and items. All the little skill and stat boosting bobbleheads, all the little parts that can be used to make absurd weapons, there's plenty to find if you just take the time to wander. Plus for me it created such a wonderful atmosphere, just wandering the wasteland seeing the destruction of man under the night sky alone. It's something that didn't come across in New Vegas as much for me because the place was less destroyed and civilisation was much more abundant.

I guess it's just not for you *shrug* but your issues seem to be:

1) The game doesn't meet your personal standards for performance and graphics

2) You don't like a short story as it makes a bad game in your eyes, even if there is value in the sidequests you feel less anchored to the world as a result

3)The Combat and VATs system did not meet your standards.

4) The game needs vehicles and you see this as inexcusable.

I'd say while I share some of your concerns (I remember disliking the combat system at times) the pros far outweigh the cons for me.

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Man...that Alien future doesn't look so bad.

Considering all the splitting open civilians and making them zombies while mind controlling my men into blowing each other up I did not expect a nice San Fransokyo-esque future.

We should probably accept our Alien neighbours with open arms!

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I like how everyone outside America is a dick because America was behind in the localisation of FF6.

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Object Knowledge

Super Smell is a massively double edged sword if I can't turn it off at will.

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Crash Bash is solid.

Though people are right about fortune street, the episode on site was beautiful.