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This is by far my favorite:

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@unclejohn0525: I really like the fact there's an actual pencil sketch behind this.

Congratulations on making the front page! You deserve it duder.

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@zombiepie Here's a recommendation for GBCS.

Fantastic art! It's a little disturbing, but I think that's what makes it so great. Dan's enthusiasm comes across very well. Jeff's facial reaction and fake wave is priceless. You did very well making these characters look like Jeff, Dan, Brad & Drew. My favorite aspect of this is Luchadeer and his reaction to Drew holding his butt. You have a lot of talent and your own style. Keep at it!

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Thanks for letting us know about this Matt. I'll hold off for a while before adding years to my account. Hopefully it's working this weekend.

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I so wish I did not have to work today, I have a raw chicken breast in the fridge was thinking about eating it uncooked to get sick and call into work.

Ha! I was also thinking of just calling in sick today for the show, but alas too much work going on today to do so. Hopefully it's still going at 5pm EST. Glad Jason is with GB to get those archives out quickly after the show.

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@rorie Hi Matt! Really excited for this live show live! Could you please elaborate on how long the Premium discount will last? I'm guessing a lot of people would take advantage of it days from now, myself included. Thanks man.

That Shaq/Avatar moment was great. Never take that Shaq print out down.

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It's working fine for me now, but yeah, it was busted for a while.

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Only use Windows 7 x64 Enterprise at work. We use that in conjunction with Active Directory for all our users. Been using Windows 10 for my main & gaming desktop, and have been very pleased with it so far. I run Windows 8.1 x64 Enterprise on my Surface Pro 3.

Windows 7 isn't close to obsolete yet. There's still a huge number and majority of Windows users that use it on a daily basis. It's a great operating system. Windows 8.1 and 10 are much faster and more efficient operating systems than Windows 7, but they come with their negatives/drawbacks.

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Wow. Wow! That's a Zappa-eske portrait. You did so good. Dr. Tracksuit and Jeff's characterizations are freaking me out in all the right ways.

... also, that Mario Party game...

Brad's hair is perfect. So sleepy.