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Really hope one of the first public made holograms is Tupac and Michael Jackson hanging out in your house.

I think this technology is going to be much more friendly to consumers over virtual reality in that you still have your peripheral vision with this. Oculus almost made me puke after 2 minutes of trying it.

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I suppose my biggest gaming shame would be that I've never owned a Super Nintendo. Was still just a poor kid when that came out and had to make a choice with one console. I went with the Genesis. For some reason, I still haven't picked a SNES up. There's obviously a massive amount of amazing games I'm missing out on, excluding Yoshi's Island. I have played many SNES games on friend's consoles, but never had the full experience.

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Thanks for the heads up! Just subscribed to Patrick's channel so I don't miss any future spookin'! I hope GB lets him keep the name Spookin' With Scoops and couldn't imagine it named anything else.

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There are so many moving parts in disc drives that they often break, and are usually never worth the effort fixing. If it's not reading any discs, of any format, I'd also recommend purchasing a new one. If it's a Blu-Ray drive, it may be worth seeing if it's still under warranty.

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Like others have said, they have their ups and downs. Ultimately I look forward to them every week.

My favorite UPF shows are when they play old games/systems and reminisce/talk about the golden days of gaming. Would like to see more of those.

Also, having the community involved in the shows, like they used to do for Thursday Night Throwdown, would be cool once in a while.

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@alistercat: I got stuck in the same situation, but for Fallout New Vegas. I also spent at least over 10 hours modding the .ini files to make it look better than it should while maintaining a decent frame rate. Put over 400 hours into it and made some mods too. I feel no shame in it, and neither should you. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are games that you could spend your whole life messing around with.

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Finally got around to playing more Dragon Age: Inquisition and am honestly finding it a little boring. I hope the story and dialog moves faster and gets more interesting. It's a very pretty game though, and combat can be fun. Also, those bears are ridiculous. They shouldn't be as powerful as they are. I think the biggest mistake I made was making my main character a human ranger. Bows should be fun in games (Far Cry 3 & 4 are good examples). They are not fun in this. Good thing there's three other characters to switch to.

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@handlas: @me3639: Predestination is an incredible experience and such a mind bender. The performances in it are remarkable. It's one of those movies that gets better every time you watch it. I've seen it three times now and learned/figured something new out that I missed in previous viewings. Glad others enjoyed it as much as I did.

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Just watched the The NeverEnding Story last night for probably like the 30th time in my life. It is always consistently good. They really don't make movies like that anymore, and it's a shame.

It gets 5/5 Atreyu's. It's as perfect as a film can get (imo).

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Good on Zoe! It's a damn shame something like this has to exist, but she's doing the right thing by gathering a community to prevent and fight back. I really hope people aren't assholes and have this back fire on her.