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Earthbound but you'll probably get wrecked if you use it too much.

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Holy fuck that was disturbing. It kind of reminded me of Modern Toss for some reason, even though the art is very different...

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@mormonwarrior: Id totally play a game about a well adjusted family just doing family shit. It'd have to be really well written. Maybe "whimsical" would be a good approach for some thing like that.

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@catsakimbo: It seems like he just caught wind of it and was a little outraged. Maybe he gives a fuck because Banner Saga is pretty good and what King is doing is pretty shitty? Like I said, I can't verify how true his statements are, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were.

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@catsakimbo: George Broussard is the creator of Duke Nukem, and he's just on the sidelines. Sorry, I forget that not everybody knows who certain industry dudes are.

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George Broussard tweeted that the Banner Saga guys had actually received a cease and desist from King over the use of the word "Saga". I dunno if it's true, but if it is, it's super fucked up.


Not quite a cease and desist but still...

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Parry-killing Gwyn out of nowhere (he tried tanking him the first couple of times) was awesome to behold.

Well done @patrickklepek !

I know right? Best part was people were constantly telling him to parry and he was like "naaaaah."

Go Tricky, you done it man.

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Man, I wish I could unsee all the old premium content and be in your shoes. You're about to see some special stuff baby boy.

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@zolroyce: I regret nothing. Now you all know my pain.

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@49th: Yeh... So, like, what the fuck?