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Requested to join, thanks duder - PSN ID stoneygeezer (don't ask!!)

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Thanks for the heads up duder, just upgraded to the PS4 version from the free PS+ on PS3 and Vita.

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The last Sim City, purchased it, it was broken (forgot to get refund through Origins convoluted money back thing), never played it since, total waste of money :0

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@jonny_anonymous: OH GOD......that's.....I don't even know where to start! Batman will need help against that:

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I have loved this site since I discovered it during the Persona endurance run days.

For me its content to read/watch/listen to to unwind, I don't watch soap operas or most other evening TV shows, after work I put on a Quick Look or a Unprofessional Friday to unwind and escape.

I am totally devastated that the "community" of the site I love seems to be tearing itself apart :-(

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Can't wait to see your contributions, you are very welcome :)

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Hey all, a bit late to the party as usual but just got my xbox one:


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