My Top 10 (because everyone has to have one)

Because everyone has to have his personal Top 10 list sooner or later, I've decided to make one now.

Keep in mind that this is my personal list - there may very well be some great games besides these, but I never played them, they didn't have a big impact on me like these games did or they just weren't made for me.

16/09/2010 - League of Legends and Mass Effect 2 replaced Indigo Prophecy and Psyhonauts on spots 9 and 10

16/12/2012 - Cop out time! I have expanded the list to over 10 titles. Treat anything below 10 as a "honorable mention". Journey came in and games from #5 down have been reorganized.

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I couldn't agree more with number 1, Fate/stay night 4ever. Just curious, which version did you play? I played both PC and PS2 versions.

Posted by Poki3

@RuiG87: Oh my, how could I have missed this comment for over 2 years, so sorry.

I played the PC version as I don't know Japanese and had to settle for a translation patch. However the patch did allow me to import voices from the PS2 version and another person made a patch to implement the extra scenes from the PS2 version back, so I basically had the PS2 version experience. I love the game.

Posted by RuiG87

To me Tales of franchise took the 1st place. Played the Cross Edition of ToP that comes with Narikiri Dungeon X PSP remake. Loved it.