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Feels so sudden. I wonder why he can't stay in the same place for long periods of time, I mean I guess 4 years is pretty long, but still, I want to know what the issue was. I got teary eyed reading it, I was reading it feeling like Patrick was tearing up as well.

Goodbye Scoops, keep on scooping!

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Just found this thread, wanted to add my 2 butt checks cents.

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Fuck me! Binding of Isaac Rebirth is almost here! Oh man I am so hyped right now!!!!

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But how can I watch Zilea play hearthstone if he doesn't have his shirt off? That's bullcrap!

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Valkyria Chronicles is one of the first games I ever saw being streamed. I never played it, but I watched like a quarter of the game being streamed.

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Just release the soundtrack early!

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Fuck, I want to see horns so bad, but I want it on DVD or bluray to enjoy it more. Also there are no cinemas near me, closest is like a 2-3 hour drive away. Also VHS viral or whatever it's called looks good. Thanks for doing this each year Patrick, you always find some good movies.

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@schlorgan: That's great. It means they're going to make a better game, let's hope there's some FMV in it, fingers crossed.

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I just realized there's no Need for Speed game this year. They've been making a new game each year since 2002, and this year nothing? What happened? I know the last couple of Need for Speed games haven't been that great, but no announcement, nothing?

Wait, the movie came out this year, does that count?

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That's cool, didn't know Destiny had such hard content. How many people is that raid? 4 people? I wanted to hear more about picking the right people.