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Tip of the hat to a great guy, and deepest condolences to his family and co-workers.

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@positivelygreg: I think that is a pretty boss and noble idea, though if i could make a suggestion? It might be better off donating to a local no kill shelter or to NSAL. I only say it because your money will actually go towards animals (and not a CEO). Merely a suggestion, and still think thats a pretty outstanding thing to do.

That's a good point. If I'm doing this right, I think I may learn a few things about philanthropy along the way, which sounds pretty awesome.

So from what I can find in a quick bit of Google research, one of the big downsides of the ASPCA is that it's really a New York based organization and funds contributed to it do not go to local SPCA shelters (which would probably be a surprise to a lot of people who donate to them). CEO pay is definitely a source of some criticism, and while they do important (and not very well recognized) efforts generating best practices and guidelines for local shelters, maybe they aren't quite as rosy as I portrayed them.

Thanks a ton for the suggestion. I don't regret the donation, but it does give me reason to follow up with something more locally meaningful in the future.

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@egg: Honestly, it's probably moot, since my dearest hope is that as many of the games I buy in the coming year will be digital, and I don't think I've ever sold back a game. But I like the way you think.

I guess @fourwude would be right if my goal in this were to do marketing for Sony, but right now it looks like they're doing fine without any help from me.

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One of the greatest frustrations I have is that the whole plastic rock craze came years after I was done with college and moved far away from all my friends. I still played the crap out of it, but only got a few glimpses of the full party potential of the game, and between my coworkers and my wife's friends the best we can get together are tame evenings where everybody just wants to play Bon Jovi songs and keep the difficulty on easy.

Nonetheless, there's a part of my brain that just lights up with pure joy when the abstraction of "video game" melts into the fun of flat-out performance - the part that threatened to make me pursue a career in music and that kind of wishes I had done so. For a weird all-too-brief period of time, the niche became a fad and bigger companies saw a trend.

As it turned out, no, it was a fad arising from novelty more than from some latent widespread unmet need. And so back into the niche I go, making every earnest attempt I can to truly enjoy Dance Central (and honestly I do like it to a point) and hoping that the Ion Drum rocker gets dusted off more frequently than my old DDR pad. And, to some degree, eager to find out whether the industry (and, very likely, Harmonix) can delight me once again in this next generation.

Thanks for the retrospective, Alex.

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PC master race: you're the man now, dawg.

So wait, are you trying to jab PC gaming because one game is having server issues? Yeah because console games never, ever have server outages. Right.

and all I have to do is look at my PS3 and remember when PSN was dead for over a month, affecting a multitude of games and virtually killing any online community Mortal Kombat had a chance in gaining.

No, I literally just posted the first random thing to pop into my head.

Internet. Explained.

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Elective mode is great once you're in the swing of things, but I actually really liked being forced to try everything out and getting forced to use a fairly balanced build.

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I'd definitely be a mechromancerromancer

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Many congratulations to Consumerist in generating pandering click-generating non-content to give an outlet for impotent outrage from users so incapable of standing up for their own interests that they still visit Gawker sites.

And I hope Giant Bomb benefits from posting a click magnet title reporting on the results of a blog's promotional contest. That's... why you decided to cover this, right? I can't imagine why else.

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I don't really think this is Amp/Freq at all, but that's just from judging from a 2:50 video.The two buttons really worry me, but I am willing to give this game a chance. I WANT to love it but I just don't know. 2 buttons looks very weird, and i'm guessing they're auto-generating from the tracks using some kind of method like this:...

Luckily, if you're training for a real career as a DJ Max player, you can also play in Pro Controller mode, where you play all four lanes simultaneously using 8 buttons.

Hang on, that idea started as a joke but it'd be awesome.