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Yes. 24 year old living in central IL--I work as a Youth Director for my church and am preparing to move to Boston to attend seminary at Boston University on a full-ride for my masters and eventually doctorate in theology and ethics to get ordained as a Deacon in the UMC and teach at a seminary or university. My undergrad was High School History Education.

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I didn't watch much of it, because I felt that doing so would on some level admit that there's something worth debating. Creationism requires a fundamentally flawed interpretation of both Scripture and scientific data. Debates like these are also rather disingenuous--it not only elevates creationism as a legitimate position worth pitting against observable and testable positions, but also suggests that it's a central or commonly-accepted tenet of faith (those "50% of US Christians believe in YEC" stats are from the 80s). The Bible is not a textbook, nor does Christianity claim to answer any scientific questions. The doctrine of biblical inerrancy is actually very recent, and demands terrible theology and a lack of historicity.

But hey, I'm just a seminarian with post-liberal leanings.

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I absolutely love that this thread has come back. I am pleased to report to you duders that I have developed quite the taste and appreciation of scotch. On some bombcast, Jeff mentioned that a user approached him with some Yamazaki at a PAX or something. I bought a bottle of the 12-yr and fell in love with it. I've branched out and enjoy Speyside (Glenlivet, Glenfiddich) and Highland (Glenmorangie) whiskeys--among others. I've recently started chatting with my favorite professor about scotch, and he wants me to try peatier brands like Laphroaig.

I'd say that I'm still pretty new and have a lot to learn, but my tastes have broadened and I really appreciate the spirit.

EDIT: Definitely echo the suggestion of just trying many kinds. Obv a glass of scotch at a bar is a little pricey compared to other drinks--but not nearly as expensive as buying a bottle of scotch you end up hating. Try before you buy, and throw down on a bottle you love. I have friends interested in trying scotch, so I keep some brands that are pretty approachable--Glenlivet and Glenfiddich for example. Yamazaki is my favorite so far, and I'm looking to expand my collection with peatier stuff to have a good range.

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I like it. I didn't have a problem with the broad usage of the "quick look" brand, but I'm all for clarifying expectations with videos AND giving you the freedom to cover what you want--the same game could get multiple "Unfinished" videos at different stages. Or an Unfinished video during early access and a Quick Look after release. Seems good to me.

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@rorie: Of course I finally get staff to respond to a thread after quests are gone!

It's been a whirlwind of a day. I've been affirmed and supported by my pastors (who are in the interesting position of being both confidants and bosses) to move forward and see what I can see. I reached out to Rev. Dr. Olson today and she was excited to hear back from me. She's going to help me set up an individual campus visit this spring, get me in contact with her husband who's a professor in the department of my preferred program, and hype me up to the Director of Admissions of the School of Theology.

It was indeed the suddenness that gave me any sort of pause. Appreciate the support, duders--this community is consistently fantastic.

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I'm a 24-year old youth director for my church in central IL and I recently went to a campus ministry conference in Atlanta, GA. There, I connected with a faculty member from Boston University. Maybe because we were the only people not drinking the kool-aid (the key note speakers were insane and hyper-conservative) or maybe the Rev. Dr. just found me witty and brilliant--because by the end of the week she was giving me contact info for her and other faculty, giving me scholarship and stipend info, and detailed academic advisement for getting into my dream program (ThD in theology and ethics) and how to network for my dream job (teaching at a seminary or university). In a year or so, I could be strolling the halls of BU.

I haven't thought about much else in the week that followed--It's all incredibly sudden and I'm not one for impulse. But if someone was offering you bags of cash to pull up your stakes and move across to country to a place where you don't know anyone, hundreds of miles from everything you've known...would you?

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1) Try not to feel overwhelmed. There are over 13k individual cards, so just roll with the punches as you wade into the game. Most people are generally pretty patient with new players and don't mind explaining or letting you read the cards they play.

2) Focus on board position and card advantage. Think about effects in terms of tempo and cards. For example, if you enchant your creature with something and your opponent kills your dude--you lost 2 cards for your opponent's 1.

3) Find a strategy, theme, or deck type that appeals to you and learn its ins and outs. I've been playing since 1995 and can play anything, but I'm proficient with control strategies--so that's generally what I play in competitive settings.

Welcome to the CCG that started it all!

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I live 2 hours south in Bloomington and have been WAITING for a GB Meet-up in Chicago. Sucks that it's on a day when I'm in St. Louis for work. :(

I would be so down to make this a quarterly event! I hope this goes well and can be made into a regular thing. Would love to drink and game with you guys (and gals?).

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As far as obscure goes (still love Redwall and great to see others talking about it), I remember this odd book called Welcome to the Ark that I thought was pretty great and deep as a 7th grader.

Read a summary. It sounds dumb when I type it out, haha. But it was interesting.