"Can't take my eyes off of you"

Here we go again old friend.   

What was it? Like 10 or more years ago since we last met?     
Time flies and a lot of great games later I've reached the conclusion that we need to get back together. I've even bought a brand new console just to have something to play you on. This marks a new chapter in our relationship, probably shouldn't bring up all the old memories and instead start anew. But who can forget all those late nights you kept me awake with your great dungeons and tricky puzzles (for my age they sure seemed harder than they were). All those mysteries hidden behind every corner of the journey and the way you always took my mind from everything else and made me focus on something as trivial as catching the biggest fish in that blasted pond. 
We had a good run. Then I let you go. Not willingly, mind you. 
Now it's time to reunite...and this time I don't have three siblings to rip you away from me anymore. Just you, me and the endless adventures ahead.  
Take my hand, lets roll.

Finished: Burnout Paradise

Can you actually finish this game? Probably not. But in my personal opinion, once the credits starts rolling you've beaten the game. That's what happened after I got my Burnout driving license so I figured I'd finished it. Even got me that Platinum trophy to join my first one I got from Uncharted.

This game have really grown on me, at first the open world felt overwhelming and I kinda missed the menu way of handling the different races. But a few hours in you learn your way around the map and you start to remember some of the most dangerous curves.

Graphics and sound is amazingly well done, as long as you are moving as fast as your wheels can take you. Once you stop and look around, the environments may have some bad texturing choices and whenever Avril Lavigne start to play your head starts to spin (fortunate enough you can choose not to hear that song at all).

The overall experience is a great game, which have been receiving some love from the developers after it have been released. I think it have been treated with two major patches that have added trophies and bikes and a lot more. I have also managed to get all the trophies in the game, they were quite simple to get just need some time and stubbornness.

Burnout is an excellent example of how a game can manage to be a downloadable title and that supporting your game with free patches pays off. 1 million online users would agree.


Finished: Ratchet & Clank: Future Tools of Destruction

After borrowing this game from one of my classmates for a second time I finally made it the whole way through.

R&C is and old franchise which have stuck with the Playstation brand for quite some time, but this is the first Ratchet & Clank game I've ever played. This could make the story and characters hard to follow, but for this game that's not the case. Both story and characters are easy to get into and both are pretty great. A few smiles is also placed in some places which softens the transistion between the story and gameplay.

The graphics are really sweet, espically on a big HDTV. Impressive color scheme and nice looking textures all weigh in on the overall experience. Both characters and environments are done great and both have a variety to them which proves vital for the player's caring over them.

It's an ordinary platformer with a lot of shooting in it actually, could have been a little more puzzles to solve instead of all the weapon handling. The overall experience left med with few things to wish for (expect trophy support maybe) and I might buy that Quest for Booty expansion off the PSN, just to get some more awesome R&C flavor to my playing habits.

Finished: Daxter

So finally, after have owned a PSP since before it's European launch in September of 2005 I have finally beaten one of its bestsellers, Daxter. I really don't know why I haven't gotten around to do this earlier, might have something to do with the fact that I'm more of a talker than a real gamer. I test a lot of games but rarely spend a lot of time on one in particular, if it's not intrigues me into playing it a lot. This and some other reasons (a lot of other games have been coming out for the system since) makes up the foundation for why I haven't finished it earlier.

The game is about the colorful character Daxter and what he's doing while his best friend Jak is imprisoned. Daxter takes the job as a bug exterminator and starts to wipe the city of its bug problems. Its a beautiful game and it was one of the first PSP games to really push what the system can accomplish graphically.

This was the first Ready At Dawn game and the success of Daxter made them famous enough to get hold of the God of War franchise and yet again push the system to the its limit.

Daxter is the one game every PSP owners should sometime have tried out. It's the Mario of PSP. Go try it!


Impressions: Pure demo

I downloaded this demo when it first came out on the PSN, then I didn't touch it before yesterday. With no expectations what so ever I booted the game up and was suprised to hear Woman by Wolfmother being played in the background. The exact song was in the first Motorstorm, so is this just a copy of a copy sort-of-game? Turns out it's not.

You have only one vehicle to choose from, the ATV, but this is more than enough since the tracks are so very well made for this type of vehicle. The environments are really well made and are up to date with Motorstorms. You start the demo with a tutorial on the basic controls and how you can start making those air stunts. The control is surprisingly good and keeps your wheels on the road.

After learned how you make your way around the test course with some help from the boost system, you move on to the real track. This one has a lot of hills and mud in it, perfect for those big air jumps and more stunts. I really like the system in which you acquire the different level of stunts you can pull off, you have to pull off some basic ones first and when you have filled the bar enough you move up to intermediate and so on.

If you use to much boost you will loose the ability to pull of those more advanced stunts so there is a tactical aspect as well. On the real track you will be crashing a lot more than on the test course, but no worries about long crashing sequences. After crashing it only takes a quarter of a second before you are back on the track, I like that a lot.

Overall a cool demo and I think it should do pretty good since it is for PC, 360 and PS3. I won't buy it, but could see myself borrowing this one.


First stumbling minutes in MGS4

Okay, so say the first minute of gameplay. Since it's very cinematic based in the beginning. So far though:

  • Great sound (thankfully I got an 5.1 surround sound system)
  • Amazing looking (on a 46" Sharp FullHDTV)
  • Strange controls (I'm not used to this types of games so that might be why)
  • Where to? (just got a voice that said "head north" and then some giant robots came jumping down on me and I panicked and quit the game)

So that's that. I'm tired now so gonna get catch some sleep.

The bomb has dropped!

Thanks for this great community site GB! We sure have been waiting for a site likes this.

Here are some quick updates on my gaming life.

Made it through the MGS digital graphic novel yesterday for the PSP. So now I know exactly how the first MGS plays out. I figured I will never find time to go back to that game, at least not as of now, so I thought I just enjoy the story being unfolded on me. And I did. It's not really a game so it wasn't that hard to finish, you can collect certain memories and try to match them all together at the end but I just watched the beautiful art style and story getting told before me.

After this adventure I have started up God Of War: Chains of Olympus again. But just a few minutes in I got stuck in a puzzle and I gave up. Now I'm going to pimp my profile over at the bomb. See ya!