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Depends on how many shots of Vodka I've had.

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Depends on your style, dude. I myself LOVE the castlevania games, so those def get my biggest plugs...but like everyone else said, you're probably gonna want New Super Mario Bros, Marion Kart, maybe the Legend of Zelda, Rhythm Heaven (if you like Rhythm games), and Metroid.

There you go, Bro!
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Let me lay it down for you guys old school...:

1. Chicago (Most varied, tallest in NA, just awesome)
2. Toronto (The CN tower really makes it [sorry if the name's wrong])
3. Seattle (Again, space needle)
4. St. Louis (K, so this one's a little weird, but I really like the arch...its unique.)
5. San Fran (Architecture is awesome, some really interesting buildings, GG bridge.)

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I couldn't tell you the episode, but one of my favorite moments was when Gerstmann said:

Well, Coling McRae is dead so...He's not here to PUT THE BREAKS ON!!!!

that, or simply: Totally Party
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I think that if Bungie had wanted to develop new IPs, microsoft would have let them do it while still a part of their company. Personally, I feel that the reason Bungie broke off is that they were just tired of being known as "the peeps who done make them HALO games". Think about it: Bungie made that marathon games, practically the only prominent macintosh games ever made, and also produced Myth, which was a very good series to play (never played it myself, but I have a copy my brother bought lying around somewhere). I'm sure Bungie and microsoft still have a strong relationship, Bungie just wanted to get some of their independence back, if you know what i'm saying....

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What is Klonoa?

Seriously, I don't know.
Can someone help me?
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i definitely agree in regards to Alan Wake. That game looked like a very viable (survival horror, maybe?) game when it was first shown, and it sucks they've kept the curtain closed on that game

Also, HELL YES cc23574, its time we see Duke Nukem Forever. Did you hear me 3D realms? ITS TIME TO SEE DUKE NUKEM FOREVER. I can't wait to see what that game looks like when it is released...still hoping for the best. 

As for ODST though, I'm not as stoked. Though it pains me to say this, I'm kinda done with Halo for the moment. If the game turns out to be good, more power to Bungie, but at this point it just hasn't captured my attention.

I'm really exited for E3 this year, both because of the games and the new format. Hooray for E3
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I don't quite get the point of this posting, but HELL YEAH LETS GET DRUNK!!!!

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A: Obviously

Q: Favorite RPG?
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I will acknowledge that the Pirate Bay was hosting content that would have been illegal by American standards, but the fact remains:

1. Most intellectual Property claims are Bullshit

There, I know it has its place, but its just stupid that people who start websites like the Pirate bay get F*#&ed, but fatcats who steal and extort money every day get off scott free.