E3 2010

Most anticipated at E3 this year: 
1.) Halo: Reach (Sept 14, 2010)
2.) Fallout: New Vegas (Oct.19th, 2010)
3.) Medal of Honor (Oct.12th, 2010)
4.) Crackdown 2 (July 6th, 2010) 
5.) Brink (Sept. 7th, 2010...I doubt that...ahha  I was right the dev @ E3 says spring 2011)
6.) Rage (TBA 2011) 
7.) Gear of War 3 (April 30th, 2011)
8.) Gran Tourismo 5 (may entice a PS3 purchase:) 
9.) Bodycount (Q1, 2011) 
10.) Diablo 3 (TBA, 2011, I may try this on my pc, got i7, tons of memory and drive space, and an expensive graphics card all w/my new studio XPS, bet it'll run it!)
11.) Crysis 2 (Q4, 2010)
12.) Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (March,  2011) 
13.) Vanquish(Q4 2010)

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Notes to self,lolZ: 
Damn, Ghost Recon:Future Soldier looks very cool!  #12,lol.  And that MoH mp looks very good as well.  I'll be sure to play the beta for that.  
Just sorta noticed the heavy shooter centricness of this list, damn.  Gotta get a fantasy based RPG up in there some time this Fall to break that shit up.  There's a loot based pc crossover coming to 360 this year pretty sure.  I'll update that title name soon. Arcania: Gothic 4 is what I was thinking of.  And there's at least a dozen more in this time period that interest me.  What an exquisite time to love gaming :-).
OK, so possible rpgs: 
1.)  Two Worlds 2 ( Sept. 14th, 2010)
2.)  Enslaved (Q4, 2010), although it's an action/adventure game 
3.)  Arcania: Gothic 4 (Sept. 7th, 2010) 
Maybe it's me, but Rage looked wierd and unimpressive on G4's demo of live gameplay this E3.  Can't put  a finger on it, just looked like dated gameplay.  Graphically stunning, otherwise meh....(facesad). 
Played that N3 demo again and I think I'm picking up the full game.  Repetitive though it is, it looks fantastic and it is just addictive watching the kills chain up and then unleashing the special abilities.  OCD central!!! 
On the racing game front, I think GT5 is going to be flawed and instead of a whole platform purchase etc., I'm leaning now more towards just getting that next WRC game that's in development in Italy, I'll edit in the title name soon, and Codies new F1 game coming in September of this year, *in Jim  Rome voice* allegedly.
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Halo: Reach (Sept 14, 2010)
Fallout: New Vegas (Oct.19th, 2010)
Medal of Honor (Oct.12th, 2010) 
Gear of War 3         
im cant wait on these titles  i have all pre ordered  but out of the whole list the ones  i cant wait on are 
Crysis 2 (Q4, 2010)
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier     
oh yea cant wait on rage remind me of borderland but better graphics. wish they would make it co op like borderland then i feel they would sell alot more copies.
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Yup, with you on the majority of this list. There are a few things on yours that don't appear on mine that maybe should.
Ghost Recon : Future Soldier and Rage will almost certainly be purchases upon their arrival.

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Well some games just don't turn out like you'd have wanted.  Crackdown 2 is just a huge letdown for me.  I don't even think I'll play through it once.  I'll play some co-op with a few friends and update later if it's any better.   
Now on to the new hotness: Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days 
This game looks really good and the 'shakycam' style is fresh and very cool.  Can a story about some 10- time losers be good?  If so this could be a sleeper hit.  Can't wait to give it a try in Sept.(despite my beloved Halo:Reach).  And they moved up the date for release by a week 0.0.  Since when do we see this???  Also the kicker is the game supports full online co-op throughout the campaign.  That should be very cool. Hopefully me and Fubu will run this game.
Two Worlds and Gothic:Arcania 4 both look to be coming along nicely, though they both drop during 'Reach time' :-s.  Still a good, deep hack and slash rpg sounds very good to me....dunno which one to get/play though. 
Falling off interest: 
1.) Gran Tourismo 5...what a sham 
2.) MoH...maybe sp will be good, but it looks very sketchy, fucking EA 
3.) Bodycount....just an arcade shooting gallery ....zzzzzz 
Everything else from my E3 list is holding in there, as well as Codies next racer: F1!!!  Looks sooo good.  And racing in weather w/tyre choices---YES!  So euro to spell it tyre.... 
Oh and lastly: 
N3 II is good.  DO NOT trust the reviews.  This shit has happened again.  So fucking frustrating.  Lazy ass reviewers who never figure out the game and just paste in the same old gripes that are not true.  It's happened everywhere except Japan...surprising ?  Nope.  Granted the mob slaughter is repetitive, but each character has 8 skill options that are absolutely key to beating lvls.  EIGHT!!!  4 active and 4 passive, and hundreds of skills to choose from and lvl up to 5.  That's gameplay depth, and then times 5 characters, times 5-8, 30-60 minute missions each.  I bet these lazy ass reviewers never even finished one character's story and then wrote their whiney-ass reviews.  
I feel better now...until I feel like this again diary of a gamer.  Lolly, if anyone reads forgive me:-).