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I'm really surprised at the lack of Arthur Gies' name in this forum. He fills me with white-hot rage anytime I hear his name. What am I missing? What's to like? Genuine question.

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Did you know how the hipster burnt his mouth? He ate his pizza before it was cool.

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@GooieGreen said:

I've never had any problems with SCEA customer support. They've always helped me with any problem and have gone above and beyond for me. To that end, my Microsoft experiences have been a mixed bag while Nintendo has been very helpful with basic hardware problems and providing feedback.

I don't think I full understand your situation with Motorstorm. It is free on Vita, not necessarily a cross-buy, unless you mean to say that your DLC is cross-compatible and you can't even download the free game, let alone the additional content. I've seen a vocal minority complain on the PS Blog (i.e. the wrong place to be flipping out) about weird PSN Store issues, but they will eventually be resolved. It might seem like a simple issue to fix for you but digital storefronts are often a complex beast. In any case, I hope your problem is resolved soon.

It was released for free in the US near launch but it is not free anymore. I bought the PS3 version when the Vita was still free which unfortunately means I don't get the Vita version free. I think that is part of the problem as I think it's showing that I own the PS3 version of a cross-buy title so it assumes I should own the Vita version.

I'm sure it's a complicated situation, without question. What was frustrating was that they wouldn't even listen to what I was telling them the problem was. I did call back and got a guy who seemed to understand what I was talking about and said there was no need for my Vita information as it seemed to be a store issue. Something I had told the first half dozen people I spoke with.

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@egg said:

If the store thinks you already own couldnt you just redownload it?

Also did you try going to your purchase history or shopping cart, there you can download what you bought but havent downloaded yet.

I tried that initially with the hopes that I downloaded the Vita version when it was free. I also downloaded the demo of MSRC in the hopes that it would unlock the full game but that didn't work either. Sometimes they make it too damn hard to give them money.

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I am trying to buy Motorstorm RC for Vita. I already own it for the PS3 but since the Vita version was free in the US when I bought the PS3 version I don't get the Vita version free. I am assuming that is the issue but customer service would not go any further with the call unless I had the serial number of the Vita. That is until I called back with it. Then the guy on the other end of the phone didn't need it and told me just to wait a couple of days and try again.

If it is an issue with me already owning the PS3 version of a cross-buy title I had hoped they might have some work around since it is on sale this week and I can't be the only one trying to buy it. More and more though, I am coming to understand that Playstation just doesn't care about customer service. Not trying to cry or get entitled it's just my feeling that they are terribly disconnected.

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I usually try to be very polite with customer service folks but it seems like every time I talk to the people at Sony I want to throw my phone at the wall. I've never felt good about what they tell me because they seem to want to just get me off the phone. Is this what other people are experiencing? It seems like a directive from the company to make sure you don't actually address the customers concern.

That said, do any of you know a work around when you want to buy something on PSN but the store thinks you already own it?

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It is annoying how they handle saves but you can back the game up to a PS3 or PC then reload it complete with save. Just use the content manager to copy it over.

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Rregardless of how I feel about the debate it's nice to see someone show up to the mic with some actual facts for a change. So much of this discussion has been people spouting off statistics with no regard for truth. As for me, I am having a hard time playing games that put me behing the barrel of a gun shooting at human beings. Don't know if it will change but for now it is affecting my buying habits. Would I infringe on someone else playing them? Not at this time but who knows? "The Polygon editors are the worst." Also, this.

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Thanks djou. This gives me a lot more confidence that I'm not wasting my money and I can halfway know what to look for.

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@Snail That's really good to hear. Judging by all of the "Help, I'm build my first PC" threads on the site it's obvious that I'm not the only one intimidated by jumping into the PC gaming pool. It's hard to judge how PC gamers expectations differ from console gamers. I just want to support the Steam business model a lot more than the Sony or Microsoft models. That, and starting now gives me a huge backlog of games to play that I've always wanted to (a Civilization that's not Rev would be awesome!).