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Hopefully this is still on sale by Wednesday when I get paid.

It's funny, I regretted not being present for last year's Live Show and missing out on the last shirt. I thought for sure I'd never get another chance since digging up old memes is not something the GB crew do very often.

If there's some ancient trickster god that heard my disappointment and saw fit to trade Ryan for a re-release of this shirt, I'd like a refund.

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When I think of "favorite Ryan Davis moments," because of who the man was, I think, "funniest Ryan Davis moments," and the first thing that comes to mind is on a Bombcast a few months ago, Patrick recounted the tale of needing to take a "tomato juice shower," which seemed to confuse Vinny quite a bit, as he began questioning how one would route tomato juice through the pipe leading to the shower head, before Ryan cut him off, "He filled a bucket with it and dumped it on his head! Oh my god!" The sheer loss of patience and utter shock at such a convoluted solution to a ridiculously simple scenario for some reason had me laughing so hard I couldn't breath. I can't seem to find a clip of it on YouTube, unfortunately.

There were other moments of course, but after four years of listening to the Bombcast, a lot of it has kind of blended together. I will say that Ryan's (and Jeff's) sense of humor and love of all things Dumb has had a huge impact on my life. I've improved my own sense of humor and learned to really appreciate camp in both movies and video games.

I'm something of a lurker on this site, and like I said, I've only been following these guys for around four years or so (and I have yet to get the opportunity to meet them at a convention), so my memories of the crew can't really compare to some of the eulogies others in the community have been giving. But the feeling in my chest I'm feeling right now (and have been feeling since I heard the news only yesterday as outside circumstances had kept me from an internet connection for the last week) is something I really, really wish I could get rid of.

I don't want to be in a world where Ryan Davis died at 34.

I can't remember the last time a "celebrity" death (I'm sure Ryan would scoff at such a title, but I'm at a loss to find a better one) affected me like this, and while I haven't been as connected to this community as I might have liked, I'm really glad there's a place with like-minded folks to write these feelings down.

I guess what I'd really like to have known is that for every regular community member/contributor on here mourning the loss of this great man, there's probably twenty of us lurkers who are feeling the hurt right alongside you guys. I have no doubt that Ryan Davis' passing has affected hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of gamers out there and that is solely because of how great of a man he was. He will be missed.

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Yeah it's not cool that the default one is the yearly subscription. There's no excuse, none of that "you should've paid closer attention." You shouldn't have to, it shouldn't default to things like that at all because of the risk involved. They should be understanding, 50 dollars is a lot of money these days and if they won't refund you, talk to your credit card company and solve it through them.

I used a Paypal debit card. Already tried to dispute the charge and Paypal wouldn't have it.
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Yeah I just looked at the FAQ and it does indeed say no refunds. I sent a message to support anyway. In reality I'm not so much asking for a refund but rather asking for $45 back and my renewal date changed to next month rather than next year. I understand if I wanted a full refund, it's not really fair to GB since I could have already made use of my premium status and were I to get a refund I basically used them for free, but assuming this gets worked out before a month is up, nothing is really lost, right?
And again, it's not cool that the default option is the yearly one. Yes, I should have paid closer attention, but if someone who wanted a yearly sub accidentally paid for a monthly one, assuming they realized it right away, they're only out a fraction of the $10 off they get for picking the yearly option, but if someone makes the somewhat easy mistake of picking yearly instead of monthly, they're shafted out of $45 with "lol, no refunds." And that could all be fixed by having the default check box be monthly and not yearly.

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I don't know if this is the right subforum to post this in, but I need help. I just renewed my premium member subscription, and clicked the yearly one instead of the monthly one (it default to the yearly choice which isn't very cool). I cannot afford spending $50 right now. Is there any way I could get a refund?

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...Does that mean there's no TNT tonight?

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So I just learned about these quests like an hour ago, and it occurs to me that the next one on my list (2 displaced survivors) may not be live yet. I was using the clues on the first page of this thread, and it doesn't have any listed for that. Whether or not it's live, I have no idea what it's referring to.

The final day is obvious, though. Kind of a Christmas freebie.

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@BSw said:

Search for a boy or girl in characters.

Thank you. I admit I've heard the title of that game, but I knew literally nothing about it. No wonder I was so lost.

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I'm stuck on day 8 and just need one more game. All I can figure out from the various hints in this thread is it involves stretching. I got nothing.