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No we don't, flag it if it's inappropriate, flaming, trolling etc. Thumbs up/down allows people (fanboys) to just get rid of all comments they disagree with whether they're valid or not.
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The Witcher about 2 weeks ago.

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I suck at fighting games; I enjoy them, but not enough to get good, although I did used to be the best Tekken 2 player among my friends as a kid. To a certain extent that's probably true of online shooters too as I haven't played for ages, but it wouldn't take me so long to get back into the swing of it (at least I hope not as I've been meaning to get BF:BC2).

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@EliasT:  If I have to pick I'll go with consoles because I'm not good at keeping on top of hardware updates with PCs and I prefer a gamepad to a mouse and keyboard, but really I enjoy and use both, and some games work better on one over the other.
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" Not being born. "
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@Porcelain_Snake:  Probably when I got concussion playing rugby with a bunch of people who were older than me at school, and a about three of them land on top of each other with my head at the bottom of the pile. I was sick a lot, went to hospoital and had two X-Rays and a CT scan.
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Live my life; whatever I feel like doing. I read comic books and hang out with my girlfriend, I also watch a lot of movies.

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@erinfizz: Like most of these types of things, it seems to be more about fashion trends and attitude than anything substantial, some bands just get lumped in with trends like hipster, or emo (which started off as a genre but has become a fashion statement). This is why I don't listen to music until it's been around a while so I can correctly classify and categorise it.
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@wh1terav3n:  Do I have to pick 5? I don't really watch a lot of TV (I like to watch a bunch of episodes back to back so I prefer waitinf for DVD releases). I guess Dr Who's the only thing I go out of my way to watch, Mad Men's good too and Heroes is still entertaining although somewhat hit and miss (they've never matched that 1st season either), but I kinda stopped watching both of those on the BBC so I'll probably just get the DVDs.
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@chicubs223420: GTAIV was 2008's game of the year (here and a Hell of a lot of other places) it really is a great game and you should definitely play; from what I've heard about RFG (haven't played more than the demo myself) it's a fun game, but not really unmissable the same way GTAIV is