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@jadeskye: I haven't really experienced any problems with it, but I haven't really played as much as I'd like (only a few hours really); I seem to have amassed quite a few games to play and I keep getting distracted.
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@jadeskye:  Oh I know they're not, I wasn't really being serious, but at least they're lack of region locks let me get my hands on Demon's Souls.
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@jadeskye: I suppose that makes sense, Sony are obviously just nicer people or something then. Grr want to play Deadly premonition, but not sure it's worth £50 to import Red Seeds Profile (Asian version) for PS3 + Play-Asia doesn't seem to be able to send it to UK for some reason.
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@BertieWooster: I much prefer longer podcasts, I like my podcasts to feel more like discussions than news bulletins. Gaming podcasts other than the bombcast I listen to are Gamespot's The Hotspot and 1up 4 Guys; outside of videogames I love lxg which is about comics and table-top gaming and is by 4 dudes who work in an Android's Dungeon type of shop.
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Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein is very good, and obviously everyone should read The Lord of the Rings at least once.
  @Ben99: Try reading Misery and The Shining, to see why Stephen King is so popular and successful, also I really enjoyed The Dark Tower series, but 7 books is a pretty big committment.
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@Ventilaator said:
" @SpawnMan said:
"  I mean, Mass Effect wasn't the best game - it had a lot of talking  "
BAM, arguments ignored. "
I hate to break it to you but this is more like the 7th generation, not the 3rd. Dragon Age is all about micro-management, you should be giving all your party members commands and pausing a lot, maybe you should read up a bit more about games before you buy them. Also I have to ask what games do you like?
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@dbz1995:  They certainly suggested it very strongly, it seemed really obvious that was what was going on, it was one of those trailers that's more like a condensed version of the movie.
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@HypoXenophobia said:
" I question if this thread was made for quests, cause this clearly has been brought up several times before "
Yeah, but the poster obviously hasn't been here too long, and could easily jusy not know, it's not like this isn't a valid topic, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.
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@SoothsayerGB said:
  So, yeah...  The Owls aren't what they seem.
Really great stuff.  Thoe, i don't recommend watching the movie or the second half of season 2 in a hurry.  Something happened behind the scenes and Lynch left.  So basically, once the killer/s is found, you've seen all there is to really see.    Surprisingly good for a TV show. 
Also, use this.  It's a list of Twin Peaks episodes.  Just in case you think you might be watching them out of order.  In the first season, each episode starts with a summery of the previous.  So you should know if you missed one.  But  season two doesn't have those.  SO you might want to check the episode title.  You don't want to watch them out of order.  Lastly Have fun.  Twin Peaks is a really good series that sadly died young.  Afterwards you will differently think of the ERs differently. "
What happened behind the scenes is: 1. that after the first season David Lynch went off and made wild at Heart so he wasn't there for the first half of the second season 2. ABC were dicking the show around because they didn't have faith in it and made them reveal who Laura Palmer's murderer was way too early (Lynch and Frost always intended the murder mystery to be the intial hook that would then fade into the background for a little while while they established all the other storylines of the town and got people hooked on more than just finding out the killers identity).
As a big david Lynch fan I actually would reccommend the movie, but only if you were really into all the weird, trippy, bat-shit crazy bits of TV series because the movie is waaaaay mor Lynch-ian. I also really liked the first and last thirds of season 2, it just goes a bit aimless in the middle before they've set up the next mystery after the premature resolution of the Laura Palmer mystery.
Also if you're an X-Files fan you should look out fr a brilliant appearance by David Duchovny in season 2.
Sidebar: An example of how much this show gets into people's heads 1. my mum's friend, Anna, was redecorating and somehow subconsciously managed to paint the word BOB on the wall, she was so terrified she ran round to my mum's house (which was just round the corner). 2. The show was on when my mother was pregnant with me, I was 3 weeks overdue and the hospital wanted to keep her in for observation, but she insited she be discharged so she could watch the last episode of Twin Peaks.
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@playastation: Yeah that'll be the pilot, it was actually made as straight to video movie (with the mystery's conclusion somehow tacked on to the end) that only got released in Europe as well so that it would still make some money if the show didn't get picked up.
You should be prepared for some cases of wildly over the top ham-acting, the show is self-aware and references a lot of soap type stuff, therefore some of its performances really belong on crappy day-time soaps.