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@wh1terav3n:  Do I have to pick 5? I don't really watch a lot of TV (I like to watch a bunch of episodes back to back so I prefer waitinf for DVD releases). I guess Dr Who's the only thing I go out of my way to watch, Mad Men's good too and Heroes is still entertaining although somewhat hit and miss (they've never matched that 1st season either), but I kinda stopped watching both of those on the BBC so I'll probably just get the DVDs.
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@chicubs223420: GTAIV was 2008's game of the year (here and a Hell of a lot of other places) it really is a great game and you should definitely play; from what I've heard about RFG (haven't played more than the demo myself) it's a fun game, but not really unmissable the same way GTAIV is
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@jadeskye: I haven't really experienced any problems with it, but I haven't really played as much as I'd like (only a few hours really); I seem to have amassed quite a few games to play and I keep getting distracted.
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@jadeskye:  Oh I know they're not, I wasn't really being serious, but at least they're lack of region locks let me get my hands on Demon's Souls.
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@jadeskye: I suppose that makes sense, Sony are obviously just nicer people or something then. Grr want to play Deadly premonition, but not sure it's worth £50 to import Red Seeds Profile (Asian version) for PS3 + Play-Asia doesn't seem to be able to send it to UK for some reason.
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@BertieWooster: I much prefer longer podcasts, I like my podcasts to feel more like discussions than news bulletins. Gaming podcasts other than the bombcast I listen to are Gamespot's The Hotspot and 1up 4 Guys; outside of videogames I love lxg which is about comics and table-top gaming and is by 4 dudes who work in an Android's Dungeon type of shop.
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Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein is very good, and obviously everyone should read The Lord of the Rings at least once.
  @Ben99: Try reading Misery and The Shining, to see why Stephen King is so popular and successful, also I really enjoyed The Dark Tower series, but 7 books is a pretty big committment.
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@Ventilaator said:
" @SpawnMan said:
"  I mean, Mass Effect wasn't the best game - it had a lot of talking  "
BAM, arguments ignored. "
I hate to break it to you but this is more like the 7th generation, not the 3rd. Dragon Age is all about micro-management, you should be giving all your party members commands and pausing a lot, maybe you should read up a bit more about games before you buy them. Also I have to ask what games do you like?
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@dbz1995:  They certainly suggested it very strongly, it seemed really obvious that was what was going on, it was one of those trailers that's more like a condensed version of the movie.
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@HypoXenophobia said:
" I question if this thread was made for quests, cause this clearly has been brought up several times before "
Yeah, but the poster obviously hasn't been here too long, and could easily jusy not know, it's not like this isn't a valid topic, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.