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Nintendo of America was full of silly people during this time and they did a bunch of stuff without Japan's approval in the name of "localizing for the Western market". You know, things like making some weird Doki Doki Panic game into Super Mario Bros. 2 or the like.

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@patrickklepek Games like this, and a lot of other mobile games make me think that we should probably have a lot more government regulation in the games industry. Gambling-like and addiction fueled games like this get a pass, but god forbid someone play poker on the internet? Something seems pretty wrong to me there.

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Morality is not really a thing you decide via choices so much as each character will have an alignment that determines the kind of actions they personally would do. You will also choose an alignment for your character and you can sometimes be penalized or have new options open to you based on what alignment you or your companions are. It is possible to pretty much ignore this, but beware if you are aligned "good" and you end up going on murdering sprees of innocent people you will probably have some problems. "Evil" aligned character will probably be perfectly fine with this, however.

The whole system works on 2 axes, Lawful - Netural - Chaotic and Good - Neutral - Evil. So you end up with 9 possible alignments. Lawful Good, Netural Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Netural Evil and Chaotic Evil. The idea being that the one axis of Lawful -> Chaotic tells you about how that character feels about laws and order in general (regardless of right/wrong). While the other Good->Evil axis tells you where their morality lies. So a Chaotic Good character will generally be doing "good" things, but might not choose to follow all the laws (e.g. Robin Hood). While a Lawful Evil character will be down for whatever helps them personally (stealing, murder), but not necessarily overthrowing the government (e.g. a corrupt official). The neutral ones are a lot harder to make examples of, but the general rule is that Chaotic Neutral is generally used for actually insane characters, and True Neutral characters really care about the balance of good and evil all the time (druids often fall here).

That's a lot of over-simplification as the alignment thing can actually be much more complicated (Paladin class characters must be aligned "Lawful Good" for instance), but that's the general idea.

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The fact that durability is tied to FRAME RATE is the silliest decision they made in DS2. I can understand if you want to tie it to weapon swings, or hits or blocks or something like that, but straight up if you run the game at 60 FPS your weapons degrade 2x as fast as someone playing at 30FPS. That is silly.

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I'm happy Sony is at least attempting to limit the number of pay-us-for-these-games-monthly services that are out there. The PS+ thing is already kind of crazy and I can easily see a dystopian future (in about 2 years) where every publisher has one of these programs to get their DLC and new games. It sure would be nice if they were all under one subscription instead of 15 different ones, but I have no faith that will ever happen.

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Even as a person who knows quite a bit about Dota, I like tuning into this every now and then. They have a really relaxed pace and are great for putting on in the background while I'm not focusing on the action. Good stuff.

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@lawgamer said:

This game has all the markings of a major upset. If Germany wants to go through, they need to do something drastic. Something unprecedented.

Yes, for Germany to win, Joachim Loew must . . .

. . . un-coordinate his outfit!

Impossible. A german cannot un-coordinate.

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This game is turning out WAY more interesting than expected. Algeria are playing amazingly and have as much right (maybe more) to advance as Germany. Extra time, here we go!

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I think Brad and Jeff could trade off hosting to give some variety to the cast. It would be the best of all worlds. SHAKE IT UP.

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Post above me nails it. Oberyn was clearly looking for a reason to start a war (or maybe restart one? I'm not clear on if Dorne was at war with the Lannisters before or what side they were on during Robert's Rebellion), and now being killed and getting the confession out of the Mountain, it seems like Dorne has its reasons.

As an aside, is it clear that the Mountain is dead? He didn't seem totally dead.