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I think you've have been very kind to ubisoft in this article, we all know why the embargo was after the release of the game.

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iv not heard much of this gamergate thing, i guess i don't use twitter and read forums, i suspect its just the interweb dooder thing to do these days, create a conflict and troll, if there's no accountability it just gets out of control.

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JBW - Europe - Templar

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enjoy your key jozzy, i sent a pm

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First to reply "give me the damn key bro" without quotes wins the key.

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the team behind it are based in New Zealand with a staff of about 18 i believe, there dedicated arpg fans and have spent the last 6 years developing the title to be there dream arpg, they have stated many many times it wont be pay to win.

Its slow to start with but thats old school, when u skill up things get going.

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I really enjoy this game, its deep bro's well worth a look if your an aRPG fan its better than the other 1's.

Best FTP money cant buy

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yep its a good job they got that 1 game, Mario or something i believe its called

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the problem i see is they dont have any games to play on it, apart from there back catalogue

of games they can put HD in the title somewhere.

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it looks preety bad tbh, 7 years in development meh maybe they canned it 7years ago and resurrected it 1-2 years ago to cash in on the TV series sure.

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