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i think im one of the Few who liked Kane & Lynch 2 the first one had a good idea, just the game play let it down, the 2nd improved on that, but was wayyy to short :(

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i brought it day and and paid £35 for it and never regretted it, its a fun game with decent co-op but now its worth between £5-10

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a New Breath Of Fire or Grandia RPG

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i know how you feel im on a sort of boss battle that he can hit you from behind cover with a head shot,but i wouldn't say its to hard you just need to take your time really. thats how im doing it

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thats what i thought, but i wonder why all of a sudden its just stopped working, ive never heard of this problem before

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Ive already tried that, man i guess i could just Ignore the fact it doesnt work :\

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Hi Fellow Forum Dwellers, i was wondering if anyone know the answer to this question, ive done a quick google but couldn't find anything

The IR panel on my 3 year old 360 is no longer working, i thought it was my Remote, but that works on any other xbox, so i tryed a new remote, same problem, if its busted does anyone know if its a soldering or a ribbon repair,

i know its asking alot really just thought it was worth asking.

and the rest of the 360 works fine, ( sorry about the Grammer ive just finished a 12 hours shift)

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Weird thing is i was Playing Kurushi Final Last Night on my way home from work, on my Android Tablet.

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Thanks Bibamatt i didnt know that, i hadnt really looked, i found it looked better with the original graphics then the "smooth" ones

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@Bobstar said:

He's too busy buying more Skylanders.

He's actually leaving to make a Skylanders website.

It's a website. About Skylanders.

Id sign up for that :D Jeff Seems to like the Skylanders