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Lets bring managed democracy to the masses! PSN: DarthSmasher

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I'd probably watch if Harvey Fierstein played Link.

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Also, if you pause the trailer around 1:33, you can make out different names of (presumably protagonist's?) Personas that are all latin words for some of the Seven Deadly Sins postulated in Christianity.

  • Invidia - Envy
  • Ira - Wrath
  • Luxuria - Lust
  • Superbia - Pride
  • Gula - Gluttony
  • Irritum - Vanity (not one of the seven but still a venial sin I believe).

Since Persona 3 was influenced by Greek/Roman mythology and P4 by Japanese, I'm wondering if P5 will be inflienced by early Christianity after Rome that flourished in Spain. From what people have translated of an new post on the official Persona blog, the creative director has said that he wanted this game to feel like a piece of "picaresque" fiction, which includes things like Phantom of the Opera and tales of lower-class citizens striking against oppression using their wits, which this and previous trailers have hinted at. Official Persona blog with Hashino's statements.

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If it went down to a smaller cast I wouldn't be bummed. I assume there's a few more characters to come, they're not going to spoil everything. Also, what is everyone going to name their protagonist now??? Charlie's off somewhere else, and I haven't come up with a good name yet.

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I work in a lab, so there's pretty much no dress code outside of closed toed shoes and long pants, so I can rep GB at work all day. I feel so sorry for all the people at my work that have to wear polo shirts and suits every day when I'm there rocking the Flight Club shirt.

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Haha, love the phrase "spokesburns" used here.

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I thought it was going to be Dark Souls 2. While it did end up being my second favorite game, Jazzpunk came out of nowhere for me and absolutely charmed me.

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Wow, that's fantastic!

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@mezmero said:

In the words of Vinny Caravella, "Fuck that big tank."

That was the level that made me quit the game. I'd always meant to go back, but unfortunately my PS3 save data was deleted, so I'd have to start all over again. Fun game, though.

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I am thankful that the Giant Bomb staff are invested in keeping this community safe for all people, and for so eloquently saying what I've had trouble putting into words for the past several weeks. Games are for everyone, and it only serves us better as a community and a medium for more people to be interested in them and express their opinions.