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I totally forgot that I had a card with like $70 to Gamestop so I bought $40 of Microsoft Points and Dragon Age: Origins. 
I promptly turned those points into The Lair of the Shadow Broker, Super Meat Boy (which I never would have bought had I not watched that quick look) and Costume Quest!  I haven't bought this much XBLA content in the 4 years I've owned my 360. 
Do I actually have to do anything to get my free points?  I can't even remember in what ways my XBox live account is linked to me.  Did I give them an email?

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This looked pretty cool in the QL, I'd be into playing it for free!

Is it sad that there are things I would not be into playing for free?
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I've really wanted to play these games for forever.  I would like to win this, please.

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And it actually looked pretty cool.  They played the dodgeball block smashing game, which looked the same as we've all seen already.  But they also played Burnout Paradise and Natal was able to see if the gas was being pushed, so it wasn't just moving at a constant speed, acceleration was possible!  I'm not necessarily interested in owning this, but it's definitely pretty cool.

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HistoryInRust said:
Reynolds said: I'm trying not to get too excited for the Laker-Rockets game 7. The chances seem pretty high that ... [more]
Damn you, sir.  i don't really like the Rockets, but I hate the Lakers.
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I'm trying not to get too excited for the Laker-Rockets game 7.  The chances seem pretty high that the Lakers are just going to blow them away.

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I really, really want to find a way to play this game.

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