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Yeah, good. I like it.

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I was going to get the same Binary "mom" tattoo that ryan has. However after we look at it further. The tattoo artist and I decided That it could not be done without looking like crap at one angle or when I move my arm. Ryan's arm is a lot more of a cylinder then mine. (No offence to ryan but he was a big dude). So it didn't work right. I still have the same design printed out and am trying to think of ideas for it to work on my arm. I would like an armband but if I need to have it go down my arm so be it.

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@JoeyRavn: I will do that thankyou.

Other issue are still present. but not for my main desktop workstation. possibly for my notebook, or i should get a tablet PC. Also has made people very excited about buying computers again.

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Can't boot from CD's in a lot of cases in UEFI Bios on which is most current windows 8 machines.

But restore is built into the OS instead of outside manufacturer stuff.

Cant transfer files from a hard drive with win 8 installed using win 7, which is bull.

and sad face of death is very annoying.

But other than that. its probably really good on arm machines. But x86 is not good. no idea how i feel about the whole ui. expect for shutting down is a bitch.

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but its on my xbox-live account so wouldn't the licence be tied to that account, and if so shouldn't i be able to "re-download" the radnet stuff like it says to do. and transfer licensees?

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I purchased the game new. and first played it at my friends house using my account. I saved all my saved games to the cloud and entered the radnet code because it said. Enter now or forever skip. When i got home my save game was there but radnet was not. and now the code has been used and i cannot re-download the pack. Is there a fix for this or am I fucked.

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i own most of the games i would buy soundtracks for so i cannot confirm this. However it might just say that because it treats music like DLC. try and buy it and see if you can still get access to the files.

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Quake Live. I try ET:RTCW now and then but never find it as enjoyable as it was years ago. And Team Fortress 2, when my friends want to play. I has a hardcore Trackmania nation addict untill i bought trackmania 2.

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stalker. any of them. or metro 2033. Warhammer DOWII. or Mass effect, 1 or 2.

Mostly Stalker. you can get the complete mods to up the graphics on them and fix most of the bugs.