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In terms of sound, not really in the same vein as opeth but more black sabbath. However, it is still a very heavy album.

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The story is whatever, but I am having fun with it. Like diablo 3, I think it might be some mindless thing I can do when listening to something else.

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The "My Name is Ken" video....I am really happy for him. :')

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I started playing DOTA 2.....

I don't know why, it just happened...

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I did stop reading Dan Brown's books after reading a few of his books and novels. Not sure I would say he is my least favorite however, just the first author that came to mind. Kinda grew bored of his writing and lack of diversity from one book to the next. Though, the first book I read, "angels and demons" I found enjoyable for what it was and for it's stupid plot points.

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I'm actually excited for this. The remake was my first introduction to the series and my opinion, had the eeriest environment in the series. Since I don't have a gamecube near me at the moment, this will be perfect for me, and I had the itch to play this game again not too long ago itchy...itchy...tasty.

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I really like Dan! That egg white story though....

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You're a sandwich.

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Why does everything have to be a race or gender issue? Progress is when we can see two people as individuals/humans, rather than discussing their skin color or gender. We know the giantbomb staff is not racist, so why create an issue out of nothing. Welcome aboard Dan and Jason!

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I feel all the additions were added so that the uneducated gamer who is just browsing the shelf of games at the electronic store. Will see the explosion and think that the game has the" call of duty's" in it.