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This is ridiculous. Not only do we have to pay 60 dollars for a game and 30 dollars for a season pass, but now I have to pay money for every mod I want to get to expand my game. Doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of modding? How am I honestly going to have enough money to pay for a game, hundreds of mods like I have now, all the DLC, and still be able to branch out and enjoy other games? Are the times gone where we can have a diverse library of games that we can enjoy dependent on mood? It's like now we're going to have to pick one game or developer and stick with it, because they're each going to offer thousands of dollars worth of mods, their own DRM dedicated downloading client (Origin, Steam), and subscription fees for "enhanced" content (COD Elite, Battlefield, etc).

I understand people deserving compensation for hard work but mods are a passion, a hobby. They helped out people like me with lower paying jobs be able to afford bills and still get my gaming on. Skyrim is a game I still play to this very day because of all the mods. With hundreds of mods I don't want to be paying hundreds of dollars for a video game. So because I don't have infinite funds dropping into my bank I shouldn't be allowed to enjoy a plethora of diverse mods to enhance my game? I fear for the future of gaming. Looking like everything is going the way of the cash shop- even our singleplayer RPGs!

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So people welcome getting milked and swindled out of their money. This is new, lol. The reactions here are foolish and naive.

I'm not even shocked anymore.

30 dollars a year. After 3 years you've paid 90 dollars for maybe a few games you like. On STEAM, I can buy a "back catalog" of games for that much and probably have about 20 and for the rest of STEAM's existence (or the rest of my life). You get your games for the duration of your subscription. Fools. EA is tricking you again.

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Anybody that's against playing Germans in a WW2 game but alright with playing the soviets in the same genre just doesn't have an adequate knowledge of history to be expressing any sort of opinion.

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Hey everyone, I'm trying to locate a great gaming laptop to bring with me on a year long trip out of country. I will not have the ability to bring a desktop with me as I will need to be highly mobile and flexible. My living space won't be very large and I will probably be sharing a tight space with some other people. Most likely bunkbeds, but we'll see. That being said, what I need is something that can run games like Rome 2 Total War and Arma 3- games that I play on a very regular basis. I currently own an Alienware m11x r2 that I got about 4 years ago but that's just not going to cut it since it overheats even on games like Sid Meier's Pirates and Age of Empires 2. It's obviously not up to par anymore and it's about time for a new laptop.

I've been doing some research and so far the three companies I've been looking at are and and ASUS.

The ASUS laptop I've been looking at specifically is this one: ASUS ROG G760JM

I can spend maybe 1300, max. What kind of experiences do people have with laptops from these companies? What recommendations do you all have as for what laptops I should go with? How is the temperature on the ASUS ROG laptops? Will it be okay in a hot environment (despite A/C, it'll still be very, very hot)?

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@shway said:

I'm finally out of boot camp and there is a shit ton and a half on content to watch. Can't wait to watch all the backlog and try to listen to everything I missed. Happy to finally call myself a Sailor and now I can watch the dumb stuff I love. Thanks giant bomb crew for all the fine work you all give us on a weekly basis.

A soldier here on holiday block leave, I felt sorta the same way when I came home on leave and saw all the content! Not to mention all of the video games I missed out on that I went crazy with my paycheck with. PS3 + giant bomb equals a movie night to rival all movie nights. Nothing like kicking back on your couch with some quick looks.

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@TheQuotedNegro said:


lots of violence. disjointed plot. Over indulgent dialogue. Ran an hour too long. And I couldn't tell if D'jango was just written poorly or if Jamie Foxx was just playing a terrible slave...

If you want to see a western movie that stars a great black lead character that is strong, smart, likable, looks racism and hate in the face without flinching, a movie with a great plot, great soundtrack, fantastic supporting cast, interesting love story, and if you're not offended with the use of the word nigger....Go see Blazing Saddles. I think its on netflix. There, I just saved you 14 bucks.

or not...*shrug* what can i say.

Or you could just enjoy a good movie and not act like a pretentious prick.

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If you could afford to buy the nextgen console, then you could put that money to building a rig capable of running TOR. Seriously, you don't need something so far advanced you can run an ArmA 2 server while playing the same game on max settings. Considering the next console will probably be 600 dollars, that 600 dollars could easily buy you a halfway decent card, CPU, and motherboard. Shit, I bet the PC I own now, which was about 1000 dollars when I built it, would probably only cost like 400 if you bought all the parts and built it now.

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I eat goldfish snack crackers and drink water, mainly.

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It's pretty sad that we live in an era where cell phone games can beat out AAA games on PC/console. Lol.

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Something taking place in Ancient Rome, maybe with some fantasy elements. That being said, I probably won't ever buy a Bioware game again. There's no way I can access my 360, and EA doesn't put games on STEAM anymore.