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I'm down with Jeff, it should be a list with the criteria of "is it burnout paradise" and go from there.

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Anyone else playing this? I'm trying to figure out how to get new batteries because being stuck at 50 is some real bullshit but I don't know how, and the game isn't giving me any help. Thanks!

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Every now and then I think of a wiki edit to a movie I'd like to make and it makes me sad.

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I don't understand it mostly because there's so much time between each game. We've had what, 4 Gears games in the span of one console cycle, and 5 3D Zelda games since the Nintendo 64. And with such crazy differences to gameplay as were in Wind Waker, Majora's Mask, and Skyward Sword, to say they're all just rehashes of Ocarina is doing them all a disservice.

I can kind of understand that someone might get bored about the fact that the 8-dungeon, "get a weapon and use it to solve puzzles and defeat the boss" mechanic has been used since the very first game, but if it didn't do that... would it be a Zelda game? And since they're always coming up with new ideas for it, is it really that bad to have it like that? I could understand if maybe we revisited the same dungeon in every game, but we don't. It's always something new. What would they want to make it different? Would they really be able to revitalize the franchise by just giving it a different aesthetic, like sci-fi or something? I've certainly heard it suggested that that's the case...

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I'm pretty sure that according to Borderland's canon, only women can be Sirens. So if she's a Siren it stands to reason she's a woman, and the developers are just lazy.

Or thought no one would play as her.

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Well, as the title says, every time I try and go to the page for any of the Phoenix Wright games, or even his character page, they don't load. I get a 403 error. I've been trying on and off for a couple of days, even using different computers.

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I'd been itching for a D+D game recently just in real life, so this is really scratching that itch nicely until I can get something together. It's got such a deliciously pulpy fantasy feel to it, I've been enjoying the hour or so I've put in so far.

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This video reminds me that youtube memes are a thing I have no idea about.