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Eagle Rare in memory of Ryan tomorrow. Raise a glass and think of the good times.

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Wow I just got goose bumps reading this. Great game, amazing story. Good stuff Patrick.

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Great stuff Patrick. Love this piece.

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Agreed, I was OK until I heard Viny break a little. Had to sit in my car and compose before heading into work.

Thank you guys for making us part of the grieving process. We miss him. And appreciate what you do.

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I've been processing this since yesterday when I read the news on Twitter while waiting in between job interviews. It was the proverbial sucker punch. I was lucky enough to get to shake the mans hand and that is all, though like most of you have been faithfully listening to the Bombcast since I discovered it in 2008/9 (can't remember exactly). Ryan was so great at bringing the right balance to the podcast. I will remember him as I hope he would want, through his laugh/giggle. The one way communication I have had with him was enough for me to develop true affinity toward him and the rest of the team at GB.

The site and the podcast has truly been a needed distraction during difficult times, as well as a source of pure joy as I watched with envy the team live out what would be my dream job.

Here's to hoping that he has a Podcast going by the time we meet again in the next life. Tipping one back for you Ryan.

To his wife, family, and the Giant Bomb crew I am deeply sorry for your loss. May you find whatever peace you need during these difficult times.

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this is not a done deal, a "stalking horse" makes it more likely but the court still has to agree that there is not a better option for the creditors.

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Thank you for sharing this Patrick.

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I had no problem. I even found it crazy how the voice would change as you moved nearer or farther from the target, from ambient sound to over a headset microphone sounding. Friggin brilliant. I think Jeff has gotten very negative lately and I just put this into the buket of he picks on one thing in a vauge way just to be contrarian. I appreciate honest oppinions but I think it is critical that people be more speicific when saying things like "oh man, the voice dialog was f@#!$".