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@ravelle: You didn't really miss much in B/W2, there were some neat advances in a few places, but overall it felt like I'd played it before.

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I don't know, why do people buy new iterations of GTA, Need for Speed, or Call of Duty?

At the end of the day, a lot of people really enjoy the formula of the Pokémon games. Mechanically they're pretty solid and surprisingly deep if you're looking for that. On top of that the world of the Pokémon games is a really enjoyable one, in later games they've done a fantastic job of wold building. Some people just enjoy collecting cute little animals that beat the shit out of each other, there's like 700 now and the balance between them tends to change pretty significantly between games.

Game Freak have done a really good job at iterating on the core gameplay of the Pokémon games in such a way that every one of those three kinds of people will find something new and interesting in each instalment. Each game brings with it new Pokémon and regions that keep the collectors and sightseers happy. On top of that the actual mechanics of battling Pokémon have evolved pretty significantly over time. Gen V introduced new battle formats (triple and rotation battles), seasons which affected the outcome of moves, as well as making TMs (technical machines) significantly more useful by making them no longer single use items. That last one is important as it means you can experiment with new move sets with a much smaller penalty than in previous games.

The changes in Pokémon games tend to be more iterative than revolutionary, but there's still a large demographic that's totally satisfied by that. On top of that, there's always new players coming into the franchise. Game Freak does a masterful job of appealing to both of those demographics and disregarding pretty much everyone else.

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I'm just excited that I can actually get a legitimate copy of that game in Australia now. So yeah, I bought it.

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@fluxwavez: That would be so great, also a Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney release date would make my day.

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Also according to the guys over at /r/3DS there's going to be a press event after the Nintendo Direct so it could be bigger than usual.

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Just a heads up guys, there's going to be another Nintendo Direct, this time focusing on the 3DS. As usual there's separate streams for the US and Europe / Oceania that'll have ever so slightly different content. They'll be running simultaneously at 3PM GMT which means:

  • 7am Pacific Time
  • 10am Eastern Time
  • 12am Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • 3pm in the UK
  • More time zones here

It'll be interesting to see what they do, I'm personally hoping for more Animal Crossing news, Miiverse for the 3DS and perhaps a new Advance Wars. What're you guys hoping for?

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Don't know if you're still interested, but I have a Keldeo that I'm happy to trade if you'll give it back. Also I'm in Sydney, Australia so organising a time might be tricky, PM me and we'll figure out the details.

My friend code is 4943 3308 8106

Also I got White 1 and Black 2 so I'm literally drowning in Zekroms, well I have two anyway. I really should get around to trading one for a Reshiram.

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I'll probably pick up both versions, I'm totally up for some co-op Monster eviscerating.

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The whole community aspect is a compelling argument as to why MoHun has yet to catch on in the west. It's also probably the reason no online on the 3DS version is a bigger deal in the west. In Japan, if you live in a decently urbanised are you're going to have no trouble finding people playing MoHun on your commute, so lack of online is less of an issue. But over here, especially in Australia where I live, there's just not that kind of population density so online is a much bigger deal.

I'm going to have to see if I can get some people at my university playing MH3U because I doubt I'll get to play much multiplayer in the 3DS any other way.

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@evanbower: The US is the only region which includes a sensor bar in its basic set. Check out the list of SKUs on the Wii U page to see for yourself. In Japan they don't even include a sensor bar in the premium set.