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The Witcher 3

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I worked 8 hours yesterday and made $600. I made just as much today in the same amount of hours. What do I do for a living? I haul crude oil in the Panhandle region of the US. It doesn't really feel like "work." The only dangers are the shitty, clueless, thoughtless drivers and H2S gas exposure. Sometimes I haul natural gas. I can't wear anything that is prone to causing static electricity. When I want a break from the oil and natural gas fields, I'll dabble with hauling anhydrous ammonia. That's real fun stuff!

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I might have an extra one laying around. I'm on the 360. My new main's SL is around 220 or something like that with around 15 to 18 million Soul Memory.

Gamertag: Kemikal Eklipse

I really like that twinblade, but I fucking hate its windup and how quickly it guzzles stamina. It's also one of the most easy weapons to parry.

EDIT: Just noticed you're only in NG+. One of mine is in NG+4 and the other is halfway through NG+3. :o|

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I use a mix of Mastadon's Halberd, Black Knight Halberd, Red Iron Twinblade, Black Witch's Staff, Demon's Great Hammer, Malformed Shell, Dragon's Tooth, and Red Rust Scimitar.

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The only section of the new DLC that I really fucking hate is the whiteout blizzard snow zone. Do those crystal unicorns ever stop spawning?

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Ivory King is fucking awesome! Equipping the entire Loyce armor set gives some kind of attack power or health boost, equipping the Ivory King's crown also give some kind of health or AP boost, the bone fists are super fucking rad, and re-skinned Gwyn was a most awesome fight.

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All of the games I'm looking forward to are on the PC.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Borderlands: Pre-Sequel

Far Cry 4

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Copious amounts of free pr0n.

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I'm normally not a fan of the wub-wub sounding shit, but since it's minimal, I can deal with it. I don't quite remember how I stumbled upon this gem of an album. It's a damn fine listen, nonetheless!