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I own Titanfall on PC, 360 and Xbox One. I try not to buy the same game multiple times often though.

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I own a Xbox One and a Wii U and I've barely played both. I kind of feel like I wasted my money on them. There's been very few games released on them so far and most of those were available on last gen, PC or were panned so I kind of wish I had waited and maybe picked them up a few years down the line when there's more games and maybe a price drop or redesign or bundle or something.

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I'm a huge fan of the FPS genre especially high mobility class based one's so I'm glad Blizzard is finally coming to that genre.

It was kind of funny when they announced it though. First they showed like concept art and I was like "WTF they're this early in production they don't even have a cinematic trailer?" then they showed a cinematic trailer and I was like "WTF they're this early in development they don't even have a gameplay trailer?" then they showed a gameplay trailer and I was like "okay this is cool" lol.

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I never really understood this either. I've never heard anyone say "I don't watch movies" or "I don't listen to music". I don't see how video games are any different from movies or music but I hear people say they don't play video games all the time.

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Expect about $100 each for the 360 and PS3 if they're newer models and in good condition. I've never tried trading in a broken system so I have no idea if they will even accept that but if they do I would assume it would be at a greatly reduced price. As for the games it really depends on the game. You can get anywhere from literally 10 cents to $3 to $20 depending on the game. Just a rough estimate I would expect about $300 total store credit.

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For most games I'm only interested in seeing the story so I pick easy so I can see the story as quick as possible. It doesn't matter to me if it takes 5 shots or 10 shots to kill someone. Some examples of games like this are Mass Effect, Tomb Raider or Bioshock Infinite.

Occasionally if there's achievements involved I might up the difficulty, like in Halo you don't get a lot of the achievements unless you play on at least Normal.

And even more rarely if I really enjoy the combat I might play it on the hardest difficulty. I don't do this very often though. I did it for Dragon Age: Origins on PC.

If I want challenge I usually play a multiplayer game instead of playing Hard in single player games.

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So I've never been a fan of the fighting genre. I never enjoyed the crazy button combo's or just the gameplay in general. But recently I've really enjoyed Mortal Kombat 2011, Injustice Gods Among Us and Persona 4 Arena. I still disliked the gameplay as much as I always have but I was really surprised how well the story modes were made. I never realized that fighting games could have decent story modes before. I've dismissed a lot of games because they were fighters so my question is are there any other fighters with worthwhile story modes like those three I mentioned?

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It's a tough decision for me too. I really want to play both Uncharted 4 and Halo 5. But I'll have to choose one.

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Do you think Titanfall on 360 will be available on Games on Demand (download digitally) at launch?

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Yeah that's what I took away from it as well. Serena murdered him and that was his own corpse in the dresser. I think the women outside was Serena because she was talking about picking her wedding ring from the ashes after the fire. I guess throughout the game you were a ghost or in purgatory or something.