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It's a tough decision for me too. I really want to play both Uncharted 4 and Halo 5. But I'll have to choose one.

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Do you think Titanfall on 360 will be available on Games on Demand (download digitally) at launch?

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Yeah that's what I took away from it as well. Serena murdered him and that was his own corpse in the dresser. I think the women outside was Serena because she was talking about picking her wedding ring from the ashes after the fire. I guess throughout the game you were a ghost or in purgatory or something.

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@mcfart said:

Cool, getting it, but the puzzles better not be tuff.

i suck at puzzles :(

There really aren't any puzzles.

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Is it good? or are you a virus trying to virus my computer?

Oh yeah I'm totally a virus trying to virus your computer lol.

It's a official game on Steam I don't even think it's possible to get a virus from that?

Anyway I thought it was really good. You won't like it if you don't like games without gameplay like Gone Home and Dear Esther but if you don't mind games like that I think you would like it, very dark story though.

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So there's a game that came out on Steam a couple days ago called Serena. The game is free and only takes like 20 minutes to beat so I figured I would check it out. It's similar to Gone Home where you just explore a cabin walking around clicking on stuff and listening to dialogue. Only I thought the story was REALLY good, I still find myself thinking about the story and I played the game several days ago. I thought I would bring it up here because I've seen literally no discussion on the game whatsoever and it certainly deserves more than that.

And don't turn this into a discussion of if games like this are considered games or not, no one cares.

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Spec Ops: The Line

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So the editors over at IGN are writing up their personal lists for their top 25 favorite games which sparked me to make my own. It's not as easy as it looks, especially the ranking part, and I tried to keep just 1 game to each series.

Here's my personal list, feel free to comment on mine or post your own but remember this is a list of games that I personally enjoyed it isn't a list of the top 25 best games ever.

1 World of Warcraft
2 Telltale's The Walking Dead
3 Mass Effect 2
4 Dragon Age: Origins
5 Last of Us
6 Uncharted 2
7 Pokemon Red/Blue
8 Super Smash Brothers
9 Halo 2
10 Final Fantasy X
11 Kingdom Hearts
12 Final Fantasy IV
13 Tales of Vesperia
14 Skies of Arcadia
15 Batman: Arkham Asylum
16 Infamous 2
17 Portal 2
18 Half Life 2
19 Sonic Adventure 2
20 Tony Hawk Underground
21 Rock Band
22 Peggle
23 Diablo 3
24 Wolf Among Us
25 Hearthstone

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For every World of Warcraft expansion released I hit level cap and start spamming heroic dungeons in one sitting. I probably stay awake for a good 3-4 days straight when I do that.

It's usually only at a launch or expansion for a MMO when I'm racing against my friends, guild and other players to hit level cap and get geared that I do that. The longest I've played a console game is probably like 12 hours when I get engrossed in a story like Mass Effect or something.

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Telltale? Naughty Dog? Bioware?