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I've only gotten around 3000 or so, nothing close to what you received. I wish the online was more stable though.

Some pvp matches for me are great, they run smooth and are fair. Some on the other hand are completely bogus like when I clearly roll out of the way of an attack and still get hit. Top that with a few cases of me hitting an enemy (cueing a sound effect) and no damage registering and of course having people warp from your front to your back and you're gonna have a bad time. While I completely prefer the PvE stuff, I do enjoy the occasional multiplayer fight, just wish it was done better

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Spider-Man games have such a crazy legacy. Reviews all over the place on every one of em as well as fan reaction.

For me I really enjoyed Neversofts take which leaned on the cartoon. I thought the first game based on the movie was actually pretty fun. It was nearly a launch game on the ps2 if I remember right. I really liked Spider-Man 2 but don't go back and play that one kids, your nostalgia is mostly based on the open world web swinging, trust me. Ultimate Spider-Man was pretty fun on ps2 as well and had a nice style

I also didn't mind Spider-Man 3 either, wasn't great but not bad. Web of shadows I thought was excellent but was a big fan of shattered dimensions and the other one that slips my mind. As for The Amazing Spider-man I thought it was decent enough to scratch that web swinging itch but the combat was kind of like a bland ripoff of the Arkham series. I'll maybe pick this thing up when it's cheaper

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If I had to take a guess I would say shadows of Mordor may see a delay. It seems like Alien is moving along well considering all the videos they have released. I don't think Driveclub can afford more delays, sports games almost never see a delay and I think except for Mass Effect 3 Bioware usually hits their date.

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I think pizza requires having some sort of underlying sauce. Whether that be tomato sauce or chocolate for a desert pizza or something, it's something that is spread on the base with possibly other ingredients on top. Pies have more of a solid or mushing filling (pumpkin pie and pecan for example).

Therefore, I dictate pizzas are in fact NOT pies. Pizzas are pizzas and pies are pies.

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@zevvion said:

@ripelivejam: If you are having this much trouble with the game you are probably just missing something that you need to get used to. Can you describe where it goes wrong? Why you keep getting killed?

Also, you can use the White Soapstone to get summoned into other people's world and claim 50% (I think) of the souls whenever something gets killed, including bosses. If you truly need it, you can use this to farm souls. But yeah, 1700 souls is nothing. I lost 60.000 once and I thought: 'Eh... okay'.

Yeah I would like to help too. What builds have you tried? What have you dumped points into? What enemies are killing you the most. Have no doubt, some of the enemies in the giants section are incredibly tough at first.

Also like everyone else has said, you can just throw your soapstone down wherever and help people. Heck you don't even need to be human, just place it whenever. If you succeed in beating the boss all your weapons durability full, estus fills and you become human. Oh and lets not forget the bucket full of souls you will get each time.

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@karkarov: I can second the talking to everyone until they repeat themselves. Numerous times I thought people were done talking only to have one more dialogue option attached to an item.

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Hey Folks,

As you know Dark Souls II was just released on PC (despite it being somewhat broken) and I figured we could make a hint thread for those of us that waited until now to pick the game up. A lot of people really like the idea of coming to the internet for help and tips about the souls games and while this isn't entirely ideal, I figured we could at least make something that somewhat simulates this.Just post any questions or comments you guys have and hopefully somebody else can answer it!

For me, I don't have anything to say, I've been able to make it through most stuff just fine, currently helping people beat some area bosses that I found challenging.

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This is such a cool thing.

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So Dark Souls II is finally out on PC. Strangely, it released at three o'clock Pacific, so it caught me off guard. In a state of frantic confusion, I ended up impulse buying it on Amazon and preloading just an hour or so before it was released. Anyway, I figure there are some things to talk about here.

Dual Shock 4 compatibility — If you guys are looking to use a Dual Shock 4, it seems you'll have to enable the "Hide DS4 Controller" setting within the DS4 to Xinput wrapper. This apparently gives the DS4 exclusive read/write rights, which should fix incorrect button mapping as well as allow the controller to function over bluetooth. Thanks to Amafi for pointing this out to me.

I also had to turn off the touch pad to get it to fully work. before I did L1 and L2 did the same thing.

A lot of people are having issues playing through HDMI, if that happens just play through your monitor unless its also going through that. Other than those really bizarre issues it seems great. Framerate is smooth and the game looks nice.