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That does look rad but it's no surprise they showed cg considering how the game runs in the trailer. I'm sure they will sort all that stuff out.... I hope. I'm looking at you blight town

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@avenlaya: so you mind expanding on the content? All I see is one story mission and the multiplayer along with the hub. Do you mean that there are a lot of missions in just the free explore or what?

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This year I would say almost all of the conferences were actually pretty great with the exception of EA that was just good. But if I had to rank it I would go Microsoft Sony Nintendo and Ubi. Seriously thoguh, well done by all. I don't even own a Wii U but that digital conference was enjoyable to watch

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I played about 4 games of heist so far

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I'm gonna wait on reviews for this one but I hope it hits. The lack of buzz or even one or two reviews at this point in time is a bit worry some.

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I get the feeling it's called Battlefield simply for the brand recognition. Still it sounds pretty cool

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@onekillwonder_ said:

@kindgineer said:

The hostility in this thread is huge. It's just movies, guys. They didn't murder your children.

Well, not until someone comes out and says The Dark Knight Rises.

Jesus Christ dude.....

Gonna safely say that this is too soon.

fuuucccccckkkkk, not cool dude. Not cool.

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@arbitrarywater: oh man. OH MAN. You may be a genius. I really need to test that. Cause then theoretically it would make it harder for the gray spirit you pull in but it doesn't matter to you because they don't attack you. Rat covenant just got that much better.

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Seems like they really are lookin for new people which is good for me. Been writing for a site voluntarily for a bit but don't think I can say where due to forum policy. I'm gonna toss up some stuff as blogs if you guys wanna check it out, I would love to hear some feedback from the community especially if I was graced with the opportunity to actually work with Giant Bomb! I think I am a pretty strong writer but certainly have room to improve but hey that's part of being new to something. Anyway, good luck to you all and to all a goodnight!

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Its first or second for me as well. Shame people are so sour on three, I think its almost as good as two.