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I sent an alliance invite to the Lincoln Force. We're from the plain old Giantbomb clan.

Accepting invites just be patient everybody.

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Mercenary Kings

The game is 95% padding. Playing the same levels repeatedly and then having to go all around those same levels in the same instance because the damn bosses move from one location on the map to another.

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Used to be a premium member but the lack of weekend and evening programming made it a bust for us.

The appeal of it live programming wasn't there, so we found ourselves doing other things.

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Can't imagine if this EAccess thing happened on Sony that we would still get Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 with PS+.

Operating under that assumption, I'm glad Sony denied.

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"Best of the Best" or cherry picked to make sure games like Titan Fall aren't included?

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Reading the OP convinced me more than ever that metric is superior.

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I don't keep up with pre release news and glancing at all this Nostromo Edition, Last Survivor, Expendable Crew, retailer exclusives, pre order DLC is all a hassle and major fucken turn off.

See you in 2yrs at the bottom of the bargain bin when it's all sorted.

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An on rail shooter with tilt control and swiping cannot be this fun. But somehow it is. It's only $16 but how long is it? May go for it anyway. For those with Xbone, looks like it's coming to that too but delayed, hold on to your konnects!

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I cried watching the new kinect quicklook because it reminded me of ryan.

Made me sad that they didn't even mention him. Or during the Homerun mode of a baseball game they played.

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I've been waiting for weeks. I do appreciate he hasn't rushed out his review like [nearly] everybody else but this is becoming weird.

He went pretty hard on the game in a previous podcast and that made me even more eager to read the review. Everybody seems fixated on the microDLC but Jeff mentioned things more related to the core of the game and I really want to see how it all sums up in a review. Give us what you promised, Jeff!