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@matoyak: He acts like a 15 year old in public so their opponents will underestimate him, then suddenly you have a "The Mittani sends his regards" mail in your inbox and your corp that have ruled space for 4 years is burning down around you.

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i played the PS3 beta. it's fun! nothing there made it stand out to me. seems like it would be fun to bum around with a group and shoot stuff though.

If I want to shoot things with my friends i Play BF3 or Borderlands2 does this game do anything better than those games?

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Post your battle log profile and I will tell you what you are doing wrong :)

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I'd say Planetside is better for the vehicle loving player, the gunplay in PS2 is terrible compared to BF3. This is of course just my opinion, I have 900hours logged in BF3 so I might be biased.

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Me to bro, but be reals here, the average player is either a recon pro career sniper or an assault with 90% of his kills with the M16.

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Like anyone is gonna use anything but the M16A3 or M4A1 anyway.

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Can you change camo on the new moddels?

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Garrus Vakarian in "Archangel" an Omega Noir Story.

I'm fucking ready.

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@domoslaf: Get your facts right: